CHAPTER 1…………..  First blog post

Sitting in my cold lounge waiting for a meager but joyous supper.

In the hours, seconds and days since my relapse but more importantly the spiritual encounter that changed my perspectives on everything. Well at least the bits I am aware of.

I decided to start a blog in the hope that some might find a friend in this seemingly forgotten loveless world.

In the track called JOYFUL HOUSE…the track that proves to me that God showed up and rescued me from myself; the questions of ” a falling dream” and ” being called” gave me insights into what I was doing as a hopelessly failing Christian.

By people-pleasing to gain affirmation through the gift of hairdressing and ALL my life I was slowly losing my integrity and thereby losing my handle of being a World-class Stylist. Being called as I know I am as is everyone…each to our specific gifts and talents….and yes we all do have them….I was worst of all dishonouring God by putting my own agenda before his.

The truth of my life is that from early on my need to be loved was birthed by some crazy circumstances like being sexually abused from the age of 4 by both men and women. So you see it has been easy for me to be angry at God for not providing a lala land of lions sitting next to lambs, as I had read about.

In a recent TPM  session I discovered that life isn’t fair but that God is with me / us if we seek him.

{Please don’t ask me why is God male indentified…..ask him!}

In this week of recovery more evidence that not only is God real but that he is working on me has shown up in flabbergasting ways….I have meals to eat everyday…..I have direct answers to prayer as in today.
On Wed this week I wrote a poem and in church on Sunday the message was about how to ride out the storms of our lives….

As I keep investigating this Call I know God speak’s of I hope my findings will help you find some of yours too.

1)Get Support

2) Rid ourselves of excess baggage…emotional/ spirtual/worldly or otherwise

3) Focus on the RIGHT thing to do

4) Keep our hopes up (best if in constant contact with God and or uplifting loving people)


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