The Scapegoat Syndrome 

Boosted by all the love and support from family, friends, strangers and the lessons from church I woke up with a pressing question….AM I WILLING TO GIVE UP MY SCAPEGOATS?

A story in Mark 12 about a vineyard owner sending out servants and then son who is killed left me wondering “did the father use the son as a scapegoat to attend the business at hand instead of himself?”

Honestly I am perplexed as I know the traditional teaching to this parable but somehow I know that the answer to my question is tied to the answer of me LETTING GO of my traditional scapegoats if I plan to become the person I am authentically. Soooooooo not the person I became.

A while ago my boss Stoffel said to me that losing my performance character and being just me would be far more beautiful than my best “show”. An old lie us hairstylists are fed is that the salon is your stage and the clients your audience. I mean have you ever!

So I’ve really been working hard at less bling more me. Aaaaaand I must say it’s daunting not hiding behind polished quips. 

Scapegoats to avoid I am practising.

1) if its comfortable I am losing sight of the rewards ahead

2)not controlling things and not knowing the answer DOES NOT mean I must avoid it.

3) a pity party gets me nowhere.

So as I get all Masterchef in my kitchen and look forward to digging up the answer I am searching for in Mark 12 for my evening chinwag with GOD and my bible; I think about all the stories I heard today. How truly lucky I am to be a cutting, perming, sweeping, colouring, Hairstylist….everyday I meet incredible people with incredible stories.

So here is a line from a woman I love so dearly;” It is not the way I want it but hey that’s life….I will get to it as I can”

Positively but realistically being in a thing doesn’t mean it will always be as it would be nice to have; but as I am learning CHARACTER IS BUILT WHEN NOBODY IS WATCHING.


Reading Mark 12 the answer to my question is this…..I have and am often given the chance to do the right thing…like the tenants in the vineyard….but when I fail to do so and put my agenda of self-gratification 1st by justifying my rights to do so, chances are there is a consequence I can expect that I neither can choose, control or get out of….as in the reaction of the father.

My scapegoats in this story would be my hanging onto my personal comfort’s can blind me to the fact that wrong is wrong no matter how I package it….

Darn I need to quit smoking….CONVICTED.

GOD let me use your power to physically and more so emotionally give up this scapegoat I use to avoid getting healthier and fit….help me not be a slave to this anymore.


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