Glitter Giggles Dancing Fishnets

I love fishnet.

There is nothing sexier. Nothing else makes me feel quite so naughty and dangerously fierce than a black fishnet something  and a little innuendo…naturally daaaaaaarling.

Madonna released Erotica and I thought I had landed on Dancefloor heaven.

Taking center stage…obviously… I jiggled  and writhed. All eyes on me. I was young and quite the sight for sore eyes. At the time I thought I was IT. The next BIG thing. I saw it flash between over Mascara’d eyes under a veil of  Stroh Rum shots and disco strobe lights. I was going to  be F A M O U S!!!!

What I wore was a HOT topic for a looooong time!

Strategically ripped fishnet’s. Holes placed just enough to expose just enough young muscled runners legs. Holes; just enough to look slightly vandalised . Holes; just enough to imply erotica. Holes just enough to show off the shimmer of oiled glitter skin.


That damn ‘sticky out’ nail in the wall that in seconds ripped my strategy to tragedy.  I went from gevaarlik to “not-so-much” faster that Bolt. Trickles of blood made me look more like amateur night at  Halloween Karaoke in the deep deep deep south of Trailerville.

My ripped black hot pant and self-cut sleeveless “Tank-T” didn’t help VERY much either. And the Dr Martens didn’t shimmer Rock…..more ” Oh Frock”

I had gone from Rocky Horror to Rocky Horrible..

Limping  off to salvage the night and find a Hero that comes along….. That knight in fake 24 carat gold chain that could keep a Navy Fighter ship docked at shore forever. You know the ones with the fight between gorilla type chest hair and chain to keep a political debate hot on the go for decades. The one that thought a shot meant a shot….if u catch my drift…


Luckily….AS ONE DOES….fishnets became  Madonna gloves and glitter sparkled like the night sky on a very dark beach on next to naked skin.

A boy quickly learns to improvise…AND THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!

I chuckle at how I have always had a little trouble brewing inside of me..that has shown me terrific things, places and people. And some not.

I like being a bit of trouble….God knows too many are dead before ever coming alive.

So on that note I wish a teeny-tiny bit of trouble peeps out of the closet of your heart and brings a little glittering fishnet fun along the way.




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