Every Cloud a Rainbow

Well after a near death experience run this AM…my body feels amped to pull itself towards itself. Yes it will be hard. Yes it will be tough. Yes it will be sweaty but I also want a body that t-shirts struggle to cling onto.

Feeling chuffed with myself I thought it important to remind myself of some funny moments  in this crazy life of mine.

My life has DEFINITELY been an adventure of curious getting experiential.

As a 1st year apprentice I was privileged to be a model for my qualified in his SA HSOTY entry…

It was frantic in the salon…props; music;choreography; costumes; hair colouring and cutting etc. ELECTRIFYING!!!! I WAS GETTING BRIGHT YELLOW HAIR….I WAS GOING TO BE ON STAGE…I THINK I DIED! ME IN FRONT OF HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE…IN JHB….ME!

I had never been to Jhb without parental guidance…Boy did I plan an outfit for my night out. JHB was trendy right? Of course! I was going to be a show on and off stage. 

Getting into character….being the character….living the character….

Goodness I couldn’t help myself…..I shopped darling till my platinum locks looked as dismal as our SA over-exposed, overdone celebrity pool.


Fishnet teamed up with goth inspired hot-pant, black T and more jewellery than Queen Elizabeth herself….silver dripping  like a faulty tap…I was hardcore with rock eyeliner to match…

The Finals were going to be on the Sunday so Saturday night was JOL night.

Claire, Donovan & his GF, Diane, a few others and I pranced through the streets of Jhb Cbd looking for this rumoured fab club IDOLS. We were set to takeover….Dbn Poison had arrived with a vengeance. Sick, Schweet, rough and tough, and set to show dem da boss!

An SAP police van pulls up to us much to our surprise. I mean I don’t know why I was surprised looking all Hookerish in my well orchestrated little black ensemble. They informed us that the streets were dangerous ( they obviously didn’t know who they were talking to…did they) and offered to give us a lift.

We agreed! After all less time looking for the place meant more time writhing under the strobes. And who cares nobody knew us anyhow….and what a way to make an entrance. 

The idiots gave us an entrance alright.

Announcing our arrival with a burst of that cringing blue lit siren and reversing up onto the pavement right under the awning they delivered us to a rather surprised and anxious looking “Door-Diva”.

Sadly it was not the VIBE we had anticipated and spoken up in our many discussions back in Dbn. It was the last legs of a once enthralling nightclub spectacular as I have been told.

Donovan being more of a Rocker said he had heard of Masquerades which was just around the corner. 

Like Bourne we were soon not to be seen in a flurry of glitter dust. 

We found it and the thumping of the bass made my legs quiver and heart race. I was “Schumacher’ing”. Trying to keep our poise and too-cool-for-school swagger we swirled into a VERY different experience. I thought I was going to be chewing the tar off the pavement faster than New Year serves it’s annual disappointed drunken hollowness. 

We beelined for the dance floor. Before my foot made contact on that floor it was like living a REAL LIFE  parting of the Dead Sea. 

I guess I made an impact alright!

Don’s GF just kept saying:” just ignore them they don’t have any style…just touch yourself.”


Michael met Madonna with a little bit of Ozzy  thrown in for good luck. Goth never met Rave Princess like that ever again….I am sure.  I could feel the burn of horrified men staring in bewilderment as I danced  and the gossip of girls….THOSE LEGS B…..! 

I don’t think I have ever clung onto a girl for dear life as I did that night dancing the night away too terrified  to use the bathroom. I was so not going to go out like that!

Jhb I guess was not so progressive and trendy as I had dreamt and hoped.

What a waste of an outfit. NEVERMIND the hours of shop trawling…..aaaaargh!

As my 1st client said to me today…take it easy….get comfortable with just being at that level. As it gets better so we push a little harder. A 10kms a day runner for 43  years I guess he might know something about getting and staying fit.

So when you get down on yourself for not being where you wanna be sit back and chuckle at some of the places you have come from….YOU HEAR YOURSELF ARION!?!?!?!?


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