Fierce food fierce friend

Years ago I stumbled over a statement: A true friend is the one who tells you the truth even when it hurts.

Tonight may go down as one of my most glorious dinners ever. There is something very special about having dinner in the company of a very real human. You know the type of person who with every fiber of your being you know does their best to be brave and just let truth be truth unapologetically. I always have respect for people like that. The insincerity of the ALWAYS AGREEABLE is so dull and uninspiring. The polar opposite where opinion or intellect is used as a weapon of mass destruction is also just nauseating. I am not saying that I haven’t done either…I have and paid the price. Over the years of being a stylist I have run into many types of people and seldom does one find that treasure in a person where their light glows authentically. So many people I have met are trying to be somebody else.

I was one of them for years and discovered, the hard way, that in the end no matter how hard you try you can NEVER be satisfied in living a lie; consciously or unconsciously.  At 42 I am letting go of fitting in and being politically  correct. After all my mistakes the 1 thing that is true of most people is this; as long as they get what they want they will almost do anything to get it….even if it means lie, steal, cheat, destroy and or sometimes murder. Most people are controlled by circumstances more than the unwavering quest to find the actual truth. So many miss out on the magic of ‘fierce food with fierce friends’ because staying comfortable in the rot is better than chancing being in the wrong. I am soooooooo wrong often and I love it….it makes me well aware that I am learning and growing and better still alive…as my friend said tonight: “if God promises he delivers…so I am going with God.”

 So am I!

 It sure hell beats the effort to keep telling the lie by living in the lie….


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