Art asks a lot….

‘The silence between the notes is also music.” I heard this once and have never forgotten it. For years filling up the white paper with noise was all I knew. Keep busy….rush rush rush! 

‘Dream’  was kept alive today by people I know would like to keep anonymity. I cannot thank you enough. How awful it is to be so close to something and yet the finishing line is unreachable. Repeatedly I play the song choice for my competition whilst sitting in the dark. Removing distractions allows me to picture the scene. Should I get into SA TWINCARE HSOTY 17 and allowed to go with my idea I think something special awaits the audience on 29 November.

Every client, every competition and every show astounds me at the never ceasing ideas that seemingly pop out of the blue sky. It is in the creative process that I am most in awe of God. This year more so than any year gone before. This year in the design process I chose to be influenced by as few opinions as possible.  My collections this year reflect the true authenticity of the tender artist in me. 

So in deep awe of a mighty God that taught me a very valuable lesson….the 5th word of the Bible and 1st action word is CREATED. What comes before is a timeline and then a declaration of who is doing the actioning. What this taught me is not only self-acceptance as an artist but also that the only 2 things that exist outside of creativity is time and God. 

Hair competition work has shown me this to be true….IDEAS NEVER CEASE!

So when the noise subsides and the silence presses in after help has come all I can do is admire the fact where no one could watch a 42 old man went onto his knees and begged for a soluton to a serious dilemma…… food or photographs…

As every artist knows sometimes the art is more important than simple survival and the silence’s usually the intermission before the storm…the storm of chaotic submersion into the process of unleashing the actions of CREATING…..


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