The splintered log

It is too easy to point the finger at another’s faults as a means to distract from our own. I try remind myself that if I have an issue with a thing then it is my own responsibility to fix it……otherwise I am nothing but a whining irritant. Sort of like the person who hates the government but then doesn’t vote or hates taxi drivers driving but also breaks the speed limit themselves. Or like the friend who knows how her friend should wear her hair but her own is not exactly fabulous.

Just a thought! 

As I learnt once: Hurt people hurt people. So I challenge myself to be part of the solution to an issue, even if it is not convenient. A dear friend told  me a story of an accident she witnessed. Her ph was used to help a driver sort out towing and insurance etc. The drivers response to her was ” I have never met a person who has been to so willing to help without payment.” Sad isn’t it.

Dreams are often the catalyst to spring an action into being….kinda like the concept of RAK or PAYING IT FORWARD.

Be part of a solution even if it means dying to old habits.

Let our lives be recorded as amazing givers and not self-indulgent takers.


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