So often I wish I could change the world to help you not feel so much pain.The pain our stupid mistakes/choices and little faith makes you feel. How does one, or in particular me, be effective enough to show others just how real and amazing you actually are. Dad I ask for forgiveness for my lack of will power to fight harder to be better. I wish sometimes I was perfect or invisible that you would not be judged by my actions.

How do you cope with being the air we breathe and the ground we walk on when we hurt you as much as we do? Dad help me please be less of the failings of man and more of the joy you made us for. Dad I get embarrassed by myself and others for the superficial way we disregard how difficult it must be to be the everything good to everything and still fight a war to save us…especially me from myself. Dad how do we really make a better world that the children have a better life than I did? Dad how do we heal the hurts in ourselves that we can forgive others too?

Dad how do I love my neighbour truly honestly? Dad please help me to give up smoking once and for all before I give myself cancer or whatever worse. 

Dad some days I just want to cry at myself and the world around me. We are still killing/ stealing/ lying/ being dissatisfied and so much more….how do we stop? 

Dad my heart is broken because I don’t know how to be perfect,even  when I so badly want to be, to make you proud. Dad how do I love you more with this fickle wounded heart?

Dad please save our country from ourselves. We hate each other so much we can’t even be polite on our roads. Dad I feel defeated by the amount of work that must be done to uplift the poor. Help me find something extra to do that will help others that have less than me.

Dad how do I learn to become more like you? You amaze me at how perfectly truthful and pure you are. Your timing as impeccable as it is…I must say frustrates me when you prove yourself right…everytime? I wish I could win just a little fight 1x….lol. But thank you for always being right; perfectly?

Dad it must be crazy hectic to be so flawless that you can’t settle for 2nd best….you just know you are what is best….how hectic that   pressure must be….I can’t even go a day without swearing ( even if by mistake) and or feeling resentment to myself or another.

Dad please help me attain the things you set out for me to attain so that you can be glorified…not because I achieved; but so that people will know that it could only be done by you….and help me not destroy it.I have done that so often it makes me wish sometimes that i was just  dead. 

DAD IF I COULD HUG YOU I WOULD! Please pour out your amazing heart and wisdom into me that I might be able to be more like you. Help me not to throw it away again. 

God I need you so much,  more than I would like to admit. 

Dad please bring some rain that our dams and farmers crops may be abundant. Help us to save our economy from political  and financial destruction. Help us find a solution to educate, empower and enjoy eachother and our land called SA.


God answer the questions of the ones who choose to not believe that you are real. 

Dad I really love you with everything I know how to love with.



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