The Warrior’s Storm

12:57am…..12:57 am….TWELVE FIFTY SEVEN FLIPPIN AM…for real….2x in 1 week……come ooooooooon!

The disbelief and downright ‘peevedoffness’ was just too much for me to face; but I did. With a hot cup of tea, smoke and a keen sense that God was in the room it began…..

“Did I not tell you that I would fix it?”


“Then stop your whining yea of little faith.”

All I could do was cackle.

How easy it is when I see the storm both literally and figuratively that I loosen my grip on the promise of goodness. I turn on my ph and see the many messages of agreement to be models.  Foolishly I smile and say thank you. I sense the need to look at my “Boys Hair Catergory” designs and just know that it is about to be changed. Without argument my first attempt was OK but lacking inspiration. I redraw the looks and find the voice of the collection “Gentleman Nouveau”.

Eventually exhausted but satisfied that the looks will be great, but more than that pleasing to GOD, I head off to bed.I know that the fact that I was exhausted I didn’t have a fight in me so the creative process was smooth and awesome.

What I love about competition work is the process of blankness staring at you and then it unravels onto paper. From paper to manufacture and then likewise seeing the final LIVE product. The beginning and the end often are very different. 

Being in the storm is not easy, especially when you are a creative….imagination can be such a mood killer….lol.

As the various elements for the Twincare HSOTY 17 competition get organised and put in motion the more I see how silly I am to buy into doubt.

It is for this reason I simply refuse to watch Horror movies too. They plague my imagination to no end. I still have to force myself to swim in a pool a night. ‘Jaws’ ruined that pleasure for me…

Slowly slowly as I walk through this up- coming event I truly am expectant of the fun it is to see how God uses the process to teach me not only practical things but also about myself and Him.


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