With the untimely death of a friend I have had a moment or 2 to just think and reevaluate things.

At 42 I have done some stuff. So too lost some stuff and gained some lessons. But the thing is time awaits no man. I had to sadly say goodbye to another friend who refused to support my decision to help conserve water in our present potentially life-threatening water crises in SA. I mean really is it that crucial to have TWO shampoos and a conditioner when lives are at stake. I THINK NOT!

Sadly the striking comparison of loss boldly highlights the world we live in. 

As for myself I want to be associated with people who care enough for each other that personal comfort is more a joy than a sacrifice to give up.

If the only thing, which it isn’t, I take away from my particular faith is that sacrifice is a part of love then I have taken a lot. 

Over the years I have seen that the reward in giving up false beliefs is always way more important than the fight to hold onto them……says he that still smokes…..lol. But one day I will win that one. I guess all things considered I have come a long way from being controlled by multiple addictions. 

But time is flying by. Time is time and we can’t stop it from doing what it does. So with a renewed vigour in an exhausted body I commit myself to standing up for what is right. Right measured by a morality that is pro desiring the best for myself and others equally. 


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