I don’t know why I hoped people might wise up to our water restrictions. Grasping the gravity of what now has become water rations seems to be difficult to do. I tried so hard God to be involved and get others on board to share in the responsibility of water conservation but to minimal avail.

This singularly has left such a hollow space in my heart and mind that it evokes anger at the recklessness of self-centeredness. I don’t understand God why in difficult circumstances that are potentially life-threatening to others that we can’t stop and just care. God how will this all play out in our lives, jobs, and economy? God the latest letters of warning threaten even further rations if the water level usage isn’t minimised enough. What is it going to take for us as South Africans to just care for each other? 

I am both furious and sad as a hairstylist that a beautiful shampoo experience is  more important than the very life doing the beautiful shampoo. Am I just crazy or there something wrong with that picture?!

I heard yesterday that a complaint was made against me  because I issued instructions to the assistants to minimise water usage.  This makes me so sad because I realise how intoxicated with personal comfort we as SA have become. God where is this all going to lead to? God does this mean that we must brace ourselves for future crimes fought over water in our country? God does this mean that the cost of basic living with rise beyond the reach of already struggling poor. God does this mean I may have even less clients or a even a job as a stylist in the future….I mean how will I do colour if there is no water to rinse it off with? God are we heading for the rest of Africa where bribery and corruption is the order of the man-in-the-streets normal working day? 

Dear God 

I am sadly mad that the generation that follows me have little to look forward to if my generation does not step up to get involved in making the necessary sacrifices to pass the baton of hope on. Dear God my heart is so raw with sadness about how far we have become so self-indulgent. Dear God forgive  that i didn’t try harder to be better sooner. Dear God please extend your grace on us and give us the solutions we need to be more responsible towards eachother. God please inject into us, especially me, the joy, energy and desire to focus on the truth. Give us the will to do the necessary to give potential to the future. Dear God please take from me this heavy heart and give me your wisdom to handle everything we face in SA right now. God if after my competition you need my hands and feet to get more involved in my community please give me something to do to serve. God I thank you with my whole heart that you are a just God and love us too much to keep us stuck in our ways of self-destruction. Dear God remove our ego driven narrowminded self-centeredness and give us your heart that pours itself out for every life. Dad teach us to be better for you.



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