A little love

Take it from a guy who has seen enough of the bad to know the good is better. I don’t proclaim to have any wisdom. Certainly I have made more mistakes than most and probably will make many more. By instinct it is hard for me to not want to know how something is experienced.I need to feel it etc to make up my own mind. The saving grace of this is that I don’t easily buy into the mulch of society. This also makes me a bit of an outsider because I am not easily convinced by gimmicks and sales pitch. The trick however  is for me to believe it to buy into it. This fact has saved me from many sticky situations because I tend to be uncomfortable around people. Funny though that I am a hair stylist. Over the years learning to say NO has been a tough journey. So far my experience tells me that people most often say NO more out of not wanting to be inconvenienced. EVERYBODY LIKES A YES!!!!  In the beginning I had to unlearn saying NO only to people I didn’t like. Saying NO to people I love still proves tough but I am better at it. Flip I used to be such a doormat. Inferiority coupled to insecurity can be such a dangerous thing. God knows I have paid  the price dearly for my choices made out of being to scared to acknowledge the fact that I am allowed to have choices. I went with the flow to detrimental results. Thankfully because I know God is real to me and merciful I have the chance to fix my mistakes. So too be the kind of human we all want everyone else to be but often unwilling to do ourselves. Trying to be a good guy in world of ‘politically correct suedo-professional don’t-want-to-get-my-hands-dirty distant and entitled egomaniacs’ doesn’t make one popular. Not at all by a long shot!

So in that vain just in case you have not heard this in a while I tell myself and you the reader U ARE LOVED.

Most people I have met in my years as a hairstylist of nearly 23 years don’t want you to be more successful than them. All of us have unfinished baggage. All of us are pretending to be better than we know we are in our hearts. Most people will do whatever it takes to be seen as the Superstar even at the expense of a loved one. All of us have lied, cheated and broken rules to suit our needs. ALL OF US HAVE SAID AND DONE THINGS WE REGRET. 

That evens out the playing fields!

Having  said all that….the hard part is resisting the desire to punch society in the face or letting them win by ‘offing’ oneself. 


It is easy to go with the flow but you die a death so painful because you witness yourself dying inside. 

So here is a little poem I hope will encourage you to be your GRAND self.


I have seen your heart when you look around when you made a little mistake;

Wow you are amazing in your vulnerability.

I have seen you when you fall hard and try act like you are OK in front of friends;

Sjoe you make me proud that you are human.

I have watched as you rant alone in your bed at injustice;

Your heart is mesmerising.

I have seen that forced smile when you are trying to be polite;

How kind you are.

I have cried your tears in disappointment so sorry if it was caused by me.

I have laughed your victory laugh when the underdog has had its day.

I have seen you try one more time even though it’s doomed to fail.

You are in short my kind of hero because you are of me and I am of you.

You are my kind of hero because without you we would be left with a darker, colder more bitter place.

You are my kind of hero because you simply are human.


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