It’s been a little while since i last blogged. My hair competition has consumed my life entirely. Well if I am being honest; almost entirely.

Good and bad, I have been both. I guess  like most of us. 

I am in love with someone I can’t have  who seems more focused, as always, to expend energy on the whim of a fantasy rather than the love before him.When I consider that he hurt me first and I was willing to try work through it, it leaves the bitter taste of unfairness. How hearts can so easily be walked all over with little regard for consequences.The death of a friend made me see how personal satisfaction outweighs the “walk a mile in anothers shoes” philosophy.

So too am I a Christian. A controversial Christian I might add because my particular sin is a hot topic for discussion. Never mind the divorcee pastor or judgemental believer who forgets that Jesus sat with tax collector and prostitute alike. I guess I am not an easily packaged sinner like the rest whose sin may be less visible. Thankfully the bible teaches that all sin is sin no matter what…. except 1. 

So too is it being a hairstylist. I get asked why I am so expensive all the time usually not in so many words though. No I am not in it for the money and anyone who knows me knows that I have struggled financially my whole life. No I am not in it for the sales gimmicks or the brand loyalty. Although I do love one and unfortunately it is an expensive one. I am expensive because I am worth more than that. I charge for trying to do the best right thing to help others express themselves in a way that is truly stylish and beautiful. The one thing I do know from experience is that if you cut corners your hair suffers consequences.But it is loaded with insecurity too. If we just give up the ‘Jones’s’ we have a better chance  at true authenticity. So many in my career have gotten rich by playing into other’s insecurity….I won’t do that.

You are uniquely beautiful as you are and there is no need to be a wanna-be Kardashian when you are better and more talented than that sleaze. But granted a very clever family at captivating an audience with not much. So too like our governmental power feeding off the suspicion of a history gone wrong because of white elitism. And now too a first world great not so great anymore showing their true colours…..sadly.

At 42 I am puzzled by the blindness that seems to control so many who wish to self-serve and not reach out in a world so obviously flooded by not so much the terrifying waters but more by failure to launch into matters that can’t be explained by science. The heart.

We know how it works or why it works but somehow we have no or little understanding on what to use it for. 

After 23 years of being a stylist I can confidently say that I am yet to meet 1 person that does not need another. And yet to meet 1 person who is not validated in love. And yet to meet one who is not searching for the their personal space in the sun. 

Funny thing is this…….after all the good and bad the puzzle makes only 1 picture….

Our 1 planet with our 1 kind with our mutual search for meaning.

For me I find my meaning in a loving God that rescues me time and time again as I shake off the social depravity of a world I tried to fit into……it nearly killed me but thankfully I live to tell my story even in the face of judgement and adversity.

To an incredible human thank you for opening my eyes to see that love is actually all we have.


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