Walking out a journey called LIFE is not for the fainthearted! 

So many people I speak to across the board this year have elected to not buy Christmas gift’s as the year has taken it’s toll financially, emotionally and spiritually. 

Certainly I can see it in the salon. What traditionally has been our boom period has been average at best lately. The insecure words that whisper off quivering lips is :”I can’t wait to see the back of 2016.” 

I am left with some questions.

What more must be done to have the freedom to live in ones dream?  Will 2017 be better? What is God up to in SA?

I know that every sacrifice  (well except smoking) I have made to try strive to build the life I want to live. I don’t go to dinner or drink. I don’t eat lavishly. I shop at moderate clothing stores periodically and live in a small place. 

Now hear me I am not complaining. I am well aware that most of our population and world have far less than me. But I wonder what it is going to take for the dreams of a dreamer to be realised in seemingly difficult economic times. This hand-to-mouth existence is getting a little tiresome.

Surely the the constant effort of disciplined hard work yields the rewards that one dreams of. 

As I search myself this morning I wonder how does one find the joy of living when the mountains seem to grow unexpectedly viciously.

Dear God

My prayer today is not only for myself but also for everyone that might read this. I know that only you see and know all things. You gave us each this life to train us to be able to become good governors one day. I ask with every ounce of fear and trembling that you will not only comfort our fearful hearts but that the miracles that only you can perform will be done.

Forgive me and all of us for our foolishness, weaknesses and failing humanity. Show us how to fix the messes we have made both personally and in the lives of others we may have hurt.

As you know God the people hardest hit are the ones who scrape by on the minimum wage. Lord we need your help in every circumstance. Please help us to not only be responsible towards ourselves but towards others too.



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