A Wonderful life

Finally on Monday I packed my hairpieces and tidied my home. 

Weeks saw my little cottage look like the mad artists studio. Hair, glue, wire, gel, sprays and sculptured pieces drying, all waiting for the BIG REVEAL. Waking at odd hours proved treacherous trying to navigate through ‘ouch’ obstacles and not destroy fragile art. Art held together on a hope and a dime with tons of reinforced product foundations. 

I kinda giggle at peoples reactions when I get asked what I have been working on. Competition work is a far cry from commercial hairdressing. Needless to say when pictures reveal sculptured monstrosities, awe and wonder are inspired. I do enjoy the shock factor so very much.

Sitting in my empty bed at 4am, I am searching for the awe and wonder in my own life. The awe and wonder of being a South African.

How do I,  even if I had the abilities to, flip the switch of a hard slog year? 

Perhaps the place to start is what got me thinking about the ‘Wonderful life’ in the first place?

(Obviously…my love of God aside….but not put to the side)

A post on FB about a visitor to SA who saw the property developments and the closer commune between a previously segregated country, was delightful to read.

I began to be concious about the world around me; deliberately I might add. The old wives tale of ‘ All work and no play makes Paul (or is it Peter) a dull boy’ has rung true for me lately. Learning to be ultra-selective about where to expend energy isn’t always fun; but decidedly necessary. Anyhow…..seeing the flowers in bloom, and summer-clad bodies always conjures up a sense of sexy in me. Although the parading around in malls in gym gear is anything but cool…..just saying. I mean keep your lunch to yourself. Lol. And please have a shower if coming for a hair appointment straight from the gym. As much as I am proud of your commitment to exercise….bodies sweat….that’s all I am saying.

The rain dances on my tin roof. The Aganpanthus bloom. The Loerie chirps. The Vaal river runs. The Cape beckons it’s holiday trade. The African sun burns golden. Wine flows accompanied by ‘el fresco’ dining. Summer parties unfold as plans frantically revolve around how to keep the artisan beer chilled to perfection. We have narrowly escaped ‘junk status’. We are rocking Uber, cyber shopping, pop-ups and all things civilised. Our politics is rampant as is the whole world. And ‘made in China’ invades local enterprise as in all  world counterparts. 

Bizarre Doom practises entertain amid a flurry of social-media banter. 

Overall this is a wonderful life indeed! I see the smiling faces of many as we in our hearts of hearts know: We have faced some stuff but that African Burn glows deep within our fighting spirit…


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