What if?

What if things don’t go your way? What if life is anything but peaches? What if fighting forward is the only option? What if freedom looks like something else? 

What if I had my own business?

For years I was always too afraid to think of trying to have my own business again? I tried once and my addictions robbed me of that dream. So for years I have subjected  myself to the woes of ’employeedom’. Recently, with my big win, the idea has entered my mind again. 

What kind of an entrepreneur would I be?

Anyhow what will be will be! 

So many things in our lives happen that lead us to believe that things are what they are. So I have tried, very hard mind you, to try mould myself into being the taking ‘barking orders’ well from others. I must confess…. I am OK but am better being my free-spirited, driven and hardworking self.

So often many of us think that the sum of our lives is all there is, but what if the universe is blocking our development because our goals are too small. This morning I not only implore myself but all of us. 

What if….

I read a post last night on FB about not depending on our government to do what SA needs. Rather if we can’t grow as a nation through a unified body that should carry the interests of our nation, let’s build our SA unified outside our government. What if the only solution in our country is to do what our various ancestors did…..push the wagon up the mountain….together! 

This time not with an apartheid government doing the grab or an equally destructive leadership swinging things in the same way but in a redefined favour. BUT THIS TIME US…ALL OF US…TAKING responsibility and healing each other by jointly sweating up the mountain for everybody’s benefit.

I wonder what would happen then.

Perhaps if we begin to support more private enterprise the need to lean on  a governed ship will be less. Perhaps if we look to employ others with the goal of growing each other to profit share then we can expand faster. 

You see….take it from a hairstylist who roughly earns 33 cents to every rand they produce….being taxed to death and being limited by splitting our produce with often self-serving employers  (much like our government) isn’t fun. 

Sometimes the option’s are limited financially but the spirit, gifts and dedication are abundant. 

So as I get down on bended knee and ask God to take my own life to the next level; so too do I ask that in all of our lives we look for ways to grow ourselves and others to new heights.

What if God wants us as SA to teach a failing world that a new way of governance is possible built on mutual respect by using our individual gifts for mutual growth. No I am not talking socialism. I am talking the ones who start a thing benefit by growing others to be partners that can bring fresh new avenues by being allowed to explore their talents….I think that sounds like Entrepreneurship.

What if?


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