It is an irony I tell you!

Just yesterday I felt that quiet disturbance to up my Prayer game. Admittedly I have been dragging myself from goal post to goal post lately from sheer exhaustion. I love how God does not let me slip to far away before I realise I have been neglectful of my relationship with him.

I was reminded  yesterday by a client why. It amazes me when I get the opportunity to style another stylists client how amazing they are. You know what I mean; right? Sometimes as we observe other stylists clients we just desire to have a conversation with them as you simply just know you will get on like a house on fire. Yesterday was that moment. I have for years committed to never poach people’s clients. I market myself online and allow people the freedom to choose what they will. The same goes for my own clients. As I say: “Nobody belongs to anybody….no not even hubby’s and wife and not children to parent’s. Ultimately the absolute truth is none of us can control another. We can try through various means but each person is a law unto their own.”

I have always been amused by employers who say:”My staff.” All that that is a statement of is ego. No dear it is :”The people who assist me reaching my business goals.” Many of my clients have been excited about me winning my competition and in truth they should be excited for themselves as it was their money that made it all possible. 

But I digress.

This incredible woman survived THAT BIG TSUMANI from not sooooo many years ago. Listening to her relive the experience of being hammered by mountains of water and even helping to rescue another person ( of a different race nogal…..something many SA should learn to do) but swimming to safety with the person on her back. With finger hanging on a thread she recounted the numerous aged who did not survive. Needless to say we were both in tears. But the point was she said something that I will NEVER forget. She said:”Jesus help me and it was like a feeling of absolute calm came over me… there was an angel protecting me.” I am not getting into a theological debate as to why her and not others or whether it was psycho semantics. 

Many of you will know that I have MANY experiences that I can draw on that tell me that what she experienced was real. TRUST ME I KNOW!

The irony of life for me is this….there I have been wanting to chat to this stranger and kept a respectful distance…started making time to ACTUALLY read my bible and BOOM this clients story….

It amazes me when people call themselves atheists as I just don’t get how that even is a word when so many tales of GOD ENCOUNTERS exist. Some even from previous self-acclaimed atheist scientists. 

But aaaaaaaaaanyhow.

The point really is that life has a funny way to teach us to let go of the things that no longer fit.

As this clients story ended we chatted about how others try manipulate others through fear and intimidation. She ended our time together saying:” After my tsunami experience I went back to Phuket and swam in the ocean. I have learnt that life is too short for BS. You just never know when something bigger than you can snuff your life away.”

Dear God

I ask that people will use wisdom when travelling on our roads these holidays. I pray that not only I but all people will rediscover the true meaning of Christmas. Time to love loved one’s in true authentic love. Help us as SA connect with each other in brotherly/ sisterly love.

In Jesus name


P.S: Even the picture quote of this post came from my online NA support group yesterday……eish it’s weird how God works. Omnipresent to say the least.


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