Restless for Love Ideally 

Are you like me? 

The should I, shouldn’t I debate playing motorcross over invisible bridges always leaves a sense of utter exhausted nothingness. I hate not being absolutely clear about anything. Let’s just say that prolonged decision-making is not an utter joy for me. I am quick and sharp! Well at least in a lot of things. Because I have a strong moral compass; even though I let myself down often; and I like being me I am polished in my preferential choices. (I spend most of my life wishing I was perfect so that my convictions would always be coupled to visible actions…..flawlessly….but not so I am afraid.) Humanity sucks to say the least.

But when it comes to things involving others particularly out of my control; I crumble hopelessly. I cannot control others but when there action’s affect my life I just don’t know how to respond in anything but volatile revolt. Worse yet is when it is sold as marmalade for marmite.

A lesson I learnt a long time ago is called, “The Four stages of Being.”

a) UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENT: This is the person who blissfully  unaware that they have no knowledge of something. As an example….the absolute truth about human behaviour. I am conscious about the fact that there is a nature but what the truth is that drives each one….who knows? All I do know is that a lot of lies get told.

b) CONSCIOUS INCOMPETENT: This is the one who knows that they don’t know something? As an example: I am a complete conscious incompetent about how do the stars and planets stay up in the galaxy. I have a religious conviction but  how it actually work’s…..mmmmm?

c) CONSCIOUS COMPETENT: This is where most of us live….we are aware and capable. 

d) UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENT: This is where the MASTERS live….they are so well versed and rehearsed at a thing that they don’t need to think about it….it happens organically. A lot of people are well mastered in gossip…..we even have TV shows centered around gossip, even called such.

And then there are the very select few who become icons of the world for achieving next-to-impossible feats.

And then there is God. I am always fascinated by this question, “How does God face all the criticism, unbelief, rejection that we dishave out towards our fellow man, when the essence  of the world was built on love.” 

The fact that we breathe should be reason enought to make us realise that INTELLIGENT DESIGN is the most plausible answer regarding whether a supernatural force exists. The fact that, should such a force exist, we still are breathing after generations of hatred, murder, war, lies, betrayal, corruption, ill-gotten self gain, and the king of deception EGO is should reveal that mercy and grace are visible indicators of love.


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