In the silence 

With the festive season over and 2017 rolling on, a few moments of reprieve were had.

In the silence away from the hustle and bustle of business as usual I stumbled onto some hidden questions long forgotten.

You know those niggling murmurs that seem to only rise when we are trying to switch off? Like,”Am I truly happy? or Is this it? or What is the purpose of working if only to pay bills? or Running around in circles never seeming to get any closer to the dreams we hold dear…why?”

So taking a few days to linger on these questions I realised that I need more. Not more as in a greedy and self-serving kinda way but more as in better. 

I am not sure when it happened but 2016 seemed to be about getting more rather than quality. Do you feel the same? It seemed to me that so many were trying to squeeze the last drop of water out of a Sahara desert rock. I even heard Wackhead Simpson on 94.7 say and I quote,”Everyone  loves a bargain.”

I don’t know about that so much. Everytime I have gotten a ‘bargain’ it is not long after that I realise why it wasn’t sold at it’s original price. Either it was ugly, poorly manufactured, outdated, or simply not worth it even at below bargain price. 

Also I always feel terribly guilty at buying on the cheap. I always imagine the impoverished worker who slaved for a pittance to manufacture that object,  and then have it sold at nothingness. 

So I ask myself if is indeed wise business to buy at the cheapest rate and sell at over-inflated profits. What I don’t get is that if the price of something can be dropped so radically to ‘bargain’ price (unless it is a liquidation issue) why was it ever sold at it the original price. Surely a more middle ground would be more fair!


I have seen over the years that it is only the things that are honest in the scales of price estimation that never need to go on sale because fairness never needs to readjust itself to suit the market. Fairness in all things allows for ample growth for each and every person to be everything they are born to be. 

Fairness admits when it is wrong and fairness never puts itself above another.

So the frustrating question I still have no real answer for is this: “ARE WE INDEED CIVILISED IF WE KEEP PEOPLE AS SLAVES ON THE MINIMUM WAGE FOR OUR OWN BENEFIT?”

Lately I am so beyond repulsed by the world we live in that the idea of offing myself seems a far less evil.

Holding on for the sake of holding on seems futile and all hope lost in a world that by the second seems to be cruelly killing itself because of ego.

Why does anyone want the pressure to be more than another? I mean knowing that I gained at the loss of another makes me sick to the core.

Why not create world systems that provide authentic hope and opportunity for all?

Why not admit that we have got it wrong and truly find a new way?

What will 2017 hold?

Do I even want to be part of it?

If so how, why and what?

Perhaps I need time out….perhaps I don’t want any of it….who knows?

But as i grapple with my heavy questions just remember; as I am trying to think about……


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