Eish the singing birds

With a hop, skip and jump……OK who am I kidding more like a grunt, fumble and a moan I got out of bed. The world around me is quite obviously bright and breezy. 

It took a few attempts to finally get some shut eye, but we (me and my make believe bf….the pillow) did eventually slip into a great sleep.

The weekend was hilighted by strange men wanting to do the you know what to my ooh lala. Funny thing is that when I declined on account of having flu none offered ordinary company. Guess at 43 I still have a bit of sex appeal….lol. But hey I am a hunter too sometimes, so far be it from me to judge a little nookie seeking stress relief.

But the text’s that have captured my heart are the one’s enquiring about ‘FRIEND’. Heha a spark is being ignited. When I was advised to start putting feelers out, I was terrified that they would come back null and void. 

I was wrong!!!!!

People have responded shall we say elegantly.

In the book the  ‘The Pavement Bookworm’ the story of a rural dude falling into addiction and sustaining his habit through the love of books really touched me. The perils of living in the streets are terrifying. GOD I HOPE IT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. But the courage and vulnerability with which Philani Dladla tells his story is seriously wow. I RECOMMEND THE BOOK HIGHLY.

I have always loved the people who are brave enough to speak openly about stuff than the ones who masterfully stick the dagger in a little deeper to get ahead. Consequence/karma/paying the price is an unavoidable principal of life. PAY WE WILL.

What I love about being a Christian is that there is Grace….Grace is a principal effective in all of our lives. Grace says: “I know you will fail but I am in it with you and ready to help you get through it” Humanity is both glorious and weak. 


All of us have strengths and weaknesses. Those that point fingers at another’s fault’s without recognising the log in their own eye, simply prove themselves to be hypocritical like ALL of us.

AIN’T NOBODY GOT THEIR WINGS, HALO AND GOLDEN WAND YET HONEY!!!! (If you do find one then please let me know I wanna be dem friend too..lol)

So it’s Monday…

As the world gets off to oiling the cogs of our economy, I try motivate myself to get all ‘Dora the Domestic’ on myself…aaaaargh I do loathe it so much but it must be done. And well before 4 as I have my first attendee hairdressing meeting tonight. Got to whip up some uber glam makeup for my boss. 

So as the interest grows with the inevitable start of FRIEND, I want to say thank you in advance for responding and look forward to meeting those brave souls who recognize that life has more to offer than what we have experienced.

Take heart and know that you are valued.



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