The Rim of the Cup

I have the best coffee cups I have ever had. No they aren’t 5th century China Imperial what what’s. But; they are pitch black on the outside and monochromatic brightly coloured on the inside. Everyday the guessing game of which colour I will pick is thrilling. Yes yes small things small minds….lol. For the colour addict like me that deeply grasps the ‘Psychology of Colour’ principles each cup tells a story.

Kinda like each day. Sometimes our valleys seem never ending and our peeks too shortlived. Just as the days seemed to be getting easier again after a toooooo long stretch the next set of battles emerged. You know that old tale of when it rains…

Anyhow in our staff meeting today we each had to do a story board of our goals. As much as I love games today I felt sad because to get where I have working my butt off to get to + the setbacks seemed to feel like I would have to slave even harder. 

You ever felt like that?

Shortly after a post on FB saying: ‘No matter how hard it gets don’t quit’ reminded me to be a little like my coffee cups.

Instead of focusing on the gloomy outside pay attention to where the real action is happening…..the inside.

So as I relooked at my goals storyboard I took hold of the fact that yes life is freakin tough and takes no prisoners but isn’t that exactly what makes us feel alive and useful?

Even though I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right. It is quite laughable that when corruption has our country on the verge of Junk status and I am in trouble because of an unpaid traffic fine that I didn’t even know I had…pay I will.

I can smile proudly to myself that even though my coffee cup life is tough right now my heart is the colour of someone who is trying hard to do the right thing. And boy  can I mess it up proper when I mess it up to. 

So as I chomped my over-toasted English muffin I remembered a story from the bible….it goes something like this:’And if anyone would sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well.  And if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.’

Matthew 5:40‭-‬41 ESV

I have failed miserably in this the last few days.

I have being trying to put  these principles into practice for a while now for these reasons:

1) It is a great lesson on detachment to STUFF

2) A stunning illustration on being GENEROUS

3) A provocative thought about being INCONVENIENCED.

However sometimes it just gets hard when the ‘taking’ is a bit excessive.

In a song today as I drove to figure out what was going on in my coffee cup called ‘traffic fines’ I was brought back to earth a bit.

“If I knew how, 

I would’ve been done by now…I need a saviour…..” It is a song about acknowledging our shortcomings and turning to a Power GREATER than ourselves!!!!

You see though my coffee cups excite me they can’t make coffee for themselves. They need me to do that and enjoy it in them. So too do I and each of us need each other to bring out the best in ourselves and others. 


So with renewed vigour I picked up my weighty cross and decided to change my attitude….

Ain’t nobody got time to keep being in the dark when a rainbow waits to lead the way.


I need a bit more of your saving power in my life. I know that I am often pathetic  to say the least. But as I look up, I pray that you will help me and others to ‘pitch up, dress up and show up’ in our and others lives. Help us be more of what you made us for and less of what we have become.



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