Getting on with it

After an incredible Sunday amongst friends my soul feels joyous and inspired. For you hopeless romantics like myself ‘Lala land’ with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone will set the record straight. There are moments in  the movie that ,quite frankly, I could hear myself breathing like a teenage girl in love. The cinematography captured a bit of Fred Astaire charm with some nice modern elements. The music,….jazz….as only jazz can, conjured up feelings of other worldly sophistication. And did I say Ryan Gosling….if not it starred RYAN GOSLING. The sculptured nose , lips, eyes and voice,all Ryan Gosling, added the perfect male lead to ‘a deer caught in headlights’ Emma Stone. I guess you can tell I BUT LOVED Lala Land. 

Tossing ideas from governmental SA issues to design, failed relationships and goals for the year ahead over dinner, it was apparent that there is a sense of restlessness in people’s  spirits. What to do…what to do?

In times like this the predictable has become so passé that even Balsamic vinegar couldn’t lift it a note or too. It seems that we all need a little bit of dreamy magic in our lives. A bit of Lala land.


Seeing the Hyde Park look, walk and pretentiousness I cackled at how wierd people looked trying to fit in. Nobody laughing. Nobody Smiling. Nobody helping the aged get onto the elevator safely. Daaaaarlings let me remind you….Hyde park only exists because of you and me…the consumer…without us it would be a mausoleum of nothingness. Interestingly the ‘Street vendor’ outside selling his handcrafted wire art was more exuberant. JUST SAYING! Stop settling for a mask that looks trifle uncomfortable and be your true magical self.

A flower shop next to the restaurant  was open late afterwards. Even though the desired flower was out of stock seeing the magnificent colours, shapes and smells of the flower shop reminded me that, HEY WE ARE IN AFRICA!! Except for the historical and cultural places internationally; lest we forget, we have enough magic just on our doorstep. We are the envy of the world. Open spaces, wildlife, multi-cultural communities, fab weather and OURSELVES. As a stylist, my tail is often fluffed by the awe of internationals when they taste African soil. It’s not a race thing it’s the heart of ALL its people. Our country has been built by the brave who left homelands from Northern Africa to from across the seas. We are a pioneering country.

Yes remember our ancestors….We are a remarkable people in a remarkable land!!!

How did we lose our way? 

WELL IN MY OPINION…. (as educated and well researched as I am…lol)

The moment we gave up our OWN magic and began trying to be all international. Instead of following the lead of greater economies than ourselves who strongly support their local communities we simply  opened our doors to slowly lose the charm of a wild country. Yes, by all means, bring the internationals in; BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF A HEART-RICH-PEOPLE WITH STORIES TO TELL THE WORLD.(in whatever they do)


not amerfrica or eurfrica or asifrica.


Let’s get our …… back and rekindle the heart that sets a planet ablaze….remember Nelson Mandela and cronies…the world went mad for us. Remember our then MOST PROGRESSIVE  CONSTITUTION IN THE WORLD. Remember Brett Shuttleworth,  Charlize Theron, the 1st African to climb Mount Everest…remember the pride of our gold medalists, Joost and Co.winning and Hani. People like Bruce Fordyce, Ghandi, Miriam, Tutu, Chaka Chaka, Soweto Gospel Choir, Hotstix, Fassler,Thandeka, Fassie, Zola Budd, Shaka,Our Miss Universe, Els, Our 1st black Miss Sa, Player, Thlale, Ipithombi, Wayde van Niekerk, Cleopatra etc etc etc…. We are a remarkable people with outstanding taste that puts a spell on the world…..We are more than a ‘Weekend Special’. WE ARE!!!! With an ‘African Dream’.
All I know is this that when I have given myself up for something that kills a part of me bit by bit…’s  not long before I seek other things, mostly negative impacting, to fill the gaping hole of self-effacing ‘wannabeness’.




pioneers, brave, wild, fun and warm….

Have a great week!




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