Daily Admin

It is important to do financial administration. But it is also important to take stock of our thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Over the years I have seen that when I brush things under the carpet, it is not long before I become impossible to deal with and bitter.

As a hairstylist I often meet people who are the same. The kinds of people that are rude, untrusting and disrespectful. Doing my day with a sense of humour and relating to people as if everyone is my best friend gets me further and certainly creates enjoyment in my life. 

When I take myself toooooo seriously, or try hide my secrets, or push my own agenda and  or harbour resentment IT IS NOT LONG BEFORE I FIND NOBODY WANTS TO BE NEAR ME. AND WHAT A HORRIBLE LONELY PLACE.YES I AM AN OMNIVERT BUT ALSO KNOW THAT I NEED PEOPLE WHICH MEEEEEEANS….accepting others as I would like to be accepted!!!!!!


FRIEND SUPPORT GROUP happened last night. A few minor technical hick ups slowed the start down….lol. The amazing thing is that strangers were willing to sit next to strangers, listen share and be vulnerable.  I was amazed, once again, at when we simply are our true selves we free ourselves to laugh at ourselves. 

We all have heard how important journalling is. And it is……

HERE AM SOME QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER IN YOUR JOURNAL PROCESS (even though my Higher Power is a religious one, yours may be different. The important thing is to have a power greater than yourself that stirs you to be BIGGER, BETTER AND MORE YOU…..AUTHENTICALLY)

Questions to ask yourself about Step 10: ( Step 10 deals with staying accountable)

Have I started the day with prayer and other spiritual disciplines (such as meditation and reading) to put me in a sound frame of mind for the day ahead?

How am I feeling in general?  

Am I well rested and adequately fed?  

Am I harboring any resentments or fears that may influence my attitudes and behavior?

Am I right with God, putting my trust and faith in Him and seeking to serve His will in whatever arises during the day?

Am I being honest with myself and others?  Or am I being deceitful and manipulative or otherwise controlling?

Am I being unselfish and helpful?  Or am I trying to use other people to serve my purposes?

Am I being kind and forgiving?  Or am I being ungracious, demanding, and resentful?

Am I being compassionate and trying to see things from others’ point of view?  Or am I trying to force them to see things my way?

Have I owned up to my mistakes and corrected them?  Do I owe anyone an apology?

Are there things that didn’t go as well today as I wished?  What could I have done better?  What can I do right now to improve the situation? What can I do tomorrow?

Did any of my character defects create problems today?  Am I staying aware of my defects? And what am I doing to compensate for them or to improve them?  Am I making progress?

Is there anything going on that I need to discuss with my sponsor or someone else?  Have I prayed and written about whatever’s disturbing me?

Am I grateful for my blessings?  

Am I ready to go to sleep with a clear conscience?


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