I remember the games we played as kids. I remember them well. I remember hiding in the fort, fighting dragons and lions. I remember how you smiled when you saw me coming from a distance. You had only seen me but a moment ago. I treasured the little castles we built, the marbles we played, the songs we sang, and the way we lied for eachother to stay out of trouble.

What happened to us? 

I see you from a distance and you always wear a frown. Your lips don’t whistle like they used to. Now you pry my treasures out of my hand and work me to the bone so you can have more. 

When did it all go so wrong?

The songs turned to mourning. The sky  so dreary. The sparkle in your eyes looks so ashen. Your heart becomes so lost in that cement jungle we call progress.

Johannesburg Africa World…

Can’t you see the crimes that murder the child within. The dragonslayer,  knight on broomstick fencing with that glistening stick. That face buried behind led lit screens that yearns the touch of conquering kings saving the world. The dreams are scattered on the engraved casket  of the dead.

Johannesburg Africa World 

Do you hear your children crying? Do you see your children dying? Do you even want to know?

The hollow mouth of hornets nest that devour and scavenge it’s young; is there no end to your dissatisfaction. 

More more more the engine cuts like shattered glass underfoot…swift and precise. 

Be quiet the engine of economy, your children lay shattered on the curb of your envied lie.

Be still the ravages of not-enough. Hold your foul breathe the stench of judgement. 

I remember when you looked at me how my heart jumped because you were my friend.

Have you seen my friend the dragonslayer lion tamer?

Do you remember my friend, with tender voice that earth quaked at its sound?

Remember when dreams were bigger than the world; that was my friend?

Have you seen the one that held the sun in their hand and kissed the rain away?

Have you seen?



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