Revolutionary thinking

Wikipedia explains revolution as such:

revolution (from the Latin revolutio, “a turn around”) is a fundamental change in political power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time when the population rises up in revolt against the current authorities. Aristotle described two types of political revolution:

  1. Complete change from one constitution to another
  2. Modification of an existing constitution.[1]

Quoted from Mahatma Ghandi…. 

“The Makers Of Revolution

If you want to start a revolution in this country, you have first to ask yourselves who will start the revolution? Will it be the State? Will it be the Capitalist minority, which has the power of wealth? Will it be the Soldier with his sword? If it is the soldier, it will be a revolution dominated by the soldier. If it is the capitalist, he will purchase your revolution. And if it is the state, the super-structure of the state will inflate to dangerous proportions which will perhaps contain all its human beings in its capacious maw.
So, it is the makers of the revolution that we have to find out. This is the first question in the revolution that we want to bring about. And, God willing, let us hope and trust that the youth of this country shall not be found wanting. In the lexicon of the youth, words like “impossible” and “defeat” do not occur. There may be failures, but failures are not defeats. Failures may spur us on to greater efforts.”

In Christianity Jesus is known as a revolutionary. He broke the rituals of organised religion and made massive statements such as; ” If a man so much as harbours hate in his heart he is guilty of murder.’ Jesus was teaching that what we thought about would become a course of action, which is why forgiveness is crucial. The bible also talks about Jesus sitting with prostitutes and tax collectors (highly frowned upon people at the time)…

I posted a question on social-media yesterday; in response to the antogonistic posts by extremist parties regarding the threats of land grabs and murder of white farmers. I asked : ‘Is anyone else scared that we SA are on the brink of civil war’. I was called an alarmist, dramatic, not to have fear and to wait and see what happens.

So I got to thinking about those comments. What struck me was that not one person engaged saying that they personally were involved in trying to repair the gaps between the citizens of South Africa. I got a lot of harsh feedback and I only asked a simple question.

Hence this blog….

Throughout history various revolutions happened..some successful some not, some violent some not. The point is that progressively people rose up to challenge a system.

In my own life I have had to adopt revolutionary thinking. What I mean by this is, simply this….talk is cheap and actions speak volumes. I have to continuously teach myself that follow through is what actually creates change in me. Challenging all the presumptuous labels that are put on me has left me somewhat at a place called ” I AM NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE BUT NOT WHERE I WAS.” At 43 ,in April, i have made many mistakes that have taught me much. Even though I still make mistakes I am not destroyed by failure as I used to be. I have realised that it makes me a revolutionary as I dared to ask what if…..

In a time like this perhaps the greatest revolution is not about progress but regression. Regressing to a place where we get back to basics and reassess what is true and what is ego.

A quote I love goes something like this: THERE IS NO RICH MAN IF ANOTHER MAN DIES STARVING.

On our only planet….perhaps we need to get back to revolutionary thinking that says:” WHAT CAN I DO TO CREATE HARMONY NOT ONLY IN MYSELF BUT FOR OTHERS AND THE GENERATIONS TO COME.” Perhaps if we get out of our supremist  elitist self-made ivory towers and start facing the truth that we are DESTROYING and not CREATING…..perhaps we have a shot at REAL PROGRESS.

STAY your beautiful self.



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