Years ago I was asked to tell part of my story at Rivers Church. After the service a stranger, a lady, handed me an envelope. It had a cheque for a considerable amount of money. It was a perfectly timed gift as I had just lost my job the same day. Years later after my cleaning up my act, bit by bit, I have the privilege of being under her governance in the kitchen at Rivers. Solvejg Fugard-Gous has a rare gift of being talented in the Foodie world and is both passionate and inspired in her work ethic. 
Isn’t it just amazing how the world works? How the wheel turns?

I never EVER imagined that I would be serving my ‘volunteering’ under a phenomenal artist. Her passion for great cooking is intimidating by the sheer enormity of it. I love watching her almost dance her way around the ‘food orchestra’ at Rivers. Trust me feeding thousands with excellent quality food at affordable prices is not a whim for the faint hearted.

In many ways I guess she is gifting me again with her experience and intense love of food. It is a gift for me because I love the kitchen but have tons to learn.

Today was a great day because, without doubt, the day was set up for me. 

  • We got a chocolate gift in church….and those that know me well know that like spirituality and I can’t be separated so too with chocolates. And it is my new chocolate favourite ‘Aero’. For years it was ‘Lunchbar’ but I guess like all things when one over does it one gets bored.
  • The message was about ‘The Power of Small Things’ and with my new jump into entrepreneurship it was perfectly timed for me to hear. Although small, my start towards a bigger dream is going. The message reminded me that:”It is not how you start but how you finish.”

    Solvejk (chief whip), Lebo (my immediate bosslady) and newbie volunteer Typhrone  (I think that’s how it is spelt….but what a cool name)

    The huge restuarant size and quality kitchen. (it gets super hectic and super hot….but it is something to behold seeing everyone chopping, dicing, garnishing, whipping, washing and blitzing the days menu’s into shape….all volunteers I might add besides the handful of resident staff who guide and teach us Masterchef wannabees)

    Little ‘ol me doing my best to keep up with the sheer volumes of food needed to meet the Rivers Church members. (these pies are simply to die for)

    Just some of the incredible offerings both from the food department but also the incredibly beautiful decor of the church.

    What was sooooooo amazing for me is this.

    My friend Ginny Marsden whom I love dearly, in the salon yesterday, lovingly wrapped me over the knuckles for letting others judgements of me stand in the way of my relationship with God. So to not let the instructions go void I found myself back in my safe place…..connecting to my  faith in a real way. I have always been ‘That Guy’ that helps the host at dinner parties clean, tidy and serve others. It comes naturally to me. I guess I learnt that lesson well from my Mom. Sooooooo to be in church helping out is actually really cool for me.

    This blog started out this morning with  me making some long overdue apologies. Even though my actions were justified my approach was completely wrong. My apologies set me up for being more free to walk into church knowing I tried to do the next best right thing. So often my shame has kept me from doing what I love. I really do love being in church. It’s kinda like my place of learning but in a fun kinda way. I know it might not be like that for you, but it is like that for me.

    The point is this: By starting with small things, even by offering bits of time to other’s we quickly run into ourselves. Our strengths and weaknesses.

    What I mean by this is: It is easy to be perfect if we isolate ourselves from experiences and people. But when we invariably get rubbed up the wrong way by life or people or visa versa ( in my case I do a lot of versa…..lol) we see what lies within us.

    One of my biggest challenges is taking criticism correctly. I struggle with self-doubt and not being perfect. Often I have to make amends due to my insecurities that verbally lash out when confronted by my failings……but I am getting better by the moment….lol.

    The thing is this:


    Sometimes we lose our way because we are so busy being busy that little things get entangled by the social web’s we find ourselves in. For the longest time I tried to spin my web into being what others wanted me to be…both good and bad. But I just don’t make a good ‘someone else’.

    As I am learning to stand on my own two feet and to love my own authenticity I see that the levels of my insecurities are diminishing by the moment too. Its funny that the thing that moves me most is kindness…..and I love finding ways to be kind to others…..even if it is just an ‘Aero’. I love myself more, as a human, when I am being kind to another than when I demand and manipulate to get my own way. 

    Don’t you?




    4 thoughts on “Home

    1. You’ll get to the top Ar, step by Step , it’s staying there within meaning while you are still moving , that is hard .

      The fun part , it seems , is getting there , the difficult part is staying there without a sense of emptiness, so it seems from observing great Artists .

      I think you’ll create meaning when you reach your goal because fortunately your despair as been so severe and learning to overcome it a process of self awareness , so much so , that you will carry that gift of consciousness with you .

      Love your ARERO’S as you start enjoying Lindt and Cote D’ore so passionately that you will want more and more ….in other words even at the top you’ll create passion , it’s in your DNA xx

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    2. What a blessing. Beautiful story. And the best part is that it’s part of an incredible continuum.

      Mazeltov on being selected for Miss SA, wow! They will be impacted by all you bring, your love and grace even more than your skill and genius.

      So divine to have you back yesterday x

      Liked by 1 person

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