Outside of the Inside

Sherbet Herbert!

Today was a day and a half. I had to clean my home, handle my little startup business appointments, do laundry, meet a client and fit in just ‘being’ somewhere in-between. Eventually when I got it all done, I realised that I didn’t have smokes. Accidentally breaking the last one I was forced to run one more errand.

As I am without a car right now, (but not for long if I have it my way….lol) I took my stroll to the local garage. In a few short weeks, the garage guys just start laughing as I walk through the door. They have gotten used to my mischievous humour. I really am a laugh-a-minute until someone treads where angels fear to tread …..lol.

Walking back I wondered how many people had walked that path since time began.I wondered how many feet walked into their destiny. How many nearly made it. And how many……well….

But somehow it is a startling thought that every person that has lived, lived on this planet. I wonder how many of us are more related than we would care to know. The fascinating thing is that generation after generation original versions of our species keep getting born. In my mind I cannot understand that if chemicals have certain properties to make them that specific chemical how after X amount of years all limitations have not yet been reached. I am all for the’Intelligent Design’theory.

Anyhow this is not the point of my pontificating. As I write my blogs and my reader numbers grow day by day I am amazed when I see more and more countries reading my little stories. It is so cool. 

I wonder if they are laying in bed reading, or stealing a glimpse on a work computer during office hours, sitting in a beautiful park, or in a stuffy tube on the way home. What does their bed linen look like? Are they eating dinner? What dinner? Well my dinner was simple. After a long hard day a ‘chuck everything onto a roasting pan’ in the oven served on pasta was all I had interest for. It was not my best attempt but it will last for a meal or two. 


Anyhow my thankless job of being all domesticated is done and normality restored. But what I don’t get is that we clean so hard to just make a mess again. I can’t cope with that…seriously. You?

I really honestly never thought that my stories would EVER get read by as large an audience as it does. Especially when regarding the topic and that I am just a guy looking for the truth that actually makes some kind of satisfactory sense.

Do you also get tired of the rubbish information  that seems to attack at every possible corner? I do?

Not that I am a professor of anything but I do know a few things though that I have learnt from the school of ‘hard knocks’.

  • Everyone wants love 
  • Everyone wants to be meaningful
  • Everyone wants validation 
  • Everyone wants to be desirable 
  • Everyone loves to laugh
  • Everyone wants acceptance
  • Everyone wants to belong

I titled my blog ‘Outside of the Inside’ because as I walked passed the Garden Court Hotel in my neighbourhood I looked up into the windows. No not in a creepy stalker kind of way. In a contemplative and curious way. I saw a man ironing his shirt, another counting out his pills, another staring blankly at whatever was on the TV screen, another too exhausted to get out of his clothes flopped onto his bed. BUT IT WAS QUIET, I NOTICED. NOBODY HUMMING A TUNE. NOBODY LAUGHING.

I found it a bit odd. For me it’s odd because I am always finding ways to laugh and play even if it is at myself when the effort it takes to be depressed is simply ridiculously  funny sometimes. Oh gosh I can lay it on thick when nobody is watching. Almost throw myself to the floor in tortured anguish. Then I have to get myself up because nobody is watching to see if I deserve the Oscar for best Motion Picture….lol. And besides that my weaker hip  always gets the brunt of my performance.

Anyhow as I feel the pull of necessary sleep calling me I want to leave you and I this thought:

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing, never play yourself small. I did for too long and all I got was an even smaller result. I am NOWHERE near where I want to be. BUT IF I DIED TONIGHT I COULD HONESTLY SAY I LIVED WITH MY WHOLE HEART AND TRAVELLED MANY ROADS. (most where lessons of ‘what not’…. but I did) 

But mostly laugh at yourself….you and I are really not that exclusively fabulous actually. We are just a lot of ‘We’s’…..so love it doll.


Worry is a heavy burden, but a kind word always brings cheer.

Proverbs 12:25 CEVDCUS06


A few little ‘funnies’ to keep you giggling while you wonder, doing the things we must…..like giving love.



• AJB • 


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