Extraordinary life

Tonight, the 7 April 2017, I find myself at a loss for words. How does one describe the heart of a nation standing unified in its diversity to state it’s claim against a behaviour that no longer serves the best interests of their country? How does one explain the energy of a love that flowed seemlessly other than….U HAD TO BE THERE?

After an afternoon nap, I have basked in the wonder of social-media posts that shone bright in the face of the accused. A particular post of a Black Sash member reminded me of what a truly remarkable life I have lived.

Occasionally but regularly I stumble onto the world of decision makers. Many a time very high profile political figures who I admire for their courage to stand for a better world. As we know many politicians are self-serving but not all.


I have had the privilege of creating a makeover for ex UN leader Kofi Hannan’s wife, makeup for the PE majors wife, blowwaving hair for Jhb major Herman Mashababe’s wife to casually mention a few. I hate name dropping but the fact remains I did work for these people. Never mind the unsung hero of my ex’s dad.

My life has been like that. Meeting people that shape the landscape of all our lives directly or indirectly.

Where am I going with this blog? Stick around and I will tell you….lol.

My first BF ever was not only a pastor but also a member of the ANC when it was still underground. This was pre 1994.

His colleagues and company made headlines in the early 90’s or, was it late 80’s, when the young upstart computer company was bombed in Glenwood by opposition parties. I guess his passion for justice and kindness was imparted onto me. Or perhaps destiny allowed me to rub shoulders with a prolific activist.

I remember even helping put motherboards into the computer mainframes that were sold to help fund their real passion….fighting for equality amongst people. It was kind of fun being part of something, even indirectly, that stirred my very essence as a person. I found the secret underground movement exhilarating. Still until this very moment no one has heard this story because lives back then were highly threatened. We were sworn to massive secrecy.

Today I came face to face with that part of me again. The activist in me that loves being involved in things that are more important than my personal gain. Today reaffirmed in me the need for noble and honourable people. The kind of people like Mandela, Ghandi and Mother Theresa to name a few. Never mind the people who risked their lives in the slave trade and world wars freeing people from cruel oppressors.

I am by no means a political person, suffice to say that I believe in an ideology that grants people the right to choose freely. Ultimately every choice will bring a consequence to its chooser.Hopefully when each of us has learnt that negative consequences happen from negative choices, we might change our choices.

This is not to say that bad things don’t happen to good people; they do. But some things happen to grow us to become who we are destined to be if we choose to let it.

I actually couldn’t believe it when that story of Gary pricked my memory. (Gary was my 1st BF) My immediate response was, “Why now must I write about this?” I had forgotten about that history. Perhaps I buried it away with the disappointment of a hurtful relationship. Perhaps it wasn’t necessary to remember until tonight.

Certain religious people  spoke about not being involved in protests as it is deemed not biblically correct. Now I must protest….lol. (Typically me.) I fail to understand how when the very life upon which my faith is based was an affirmative protest against fraudulent religiosity of its time and ultimately the overcomer of all that was misinterpreted and manipulated by portions of learned men; how then does one not follow those footsteps in like-mindedness?

But I guess that is also my interpretation of text.

The point for a guy like myself is that the experience of knowing I have made some people feel beautiful and made some people feel loved and made some people feel counted and some people feel accepted is an extraordinary life to have lived.

To each person that reads this blog, I just want to put into a few words:

I experienced an extraordinary thing today. I saw the purity of love move people to care for eachother in gentle but understanding comradeship that would leave any man humbled. I thank you for reminding a man filled with dreams that destiny happens and exists in all of us to reach for.




• AJB • 


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