Monday Mood

It’s warm and Dora is just not in the mood to blitz goddess-like. The mundane cleaning rituals are needless to say a thankless difficultly. So; instead he feeds the birds and lays prostrate soaking in some much desired vitamin D, whilst beyond the organza wall lay the aftermath of an incarcerated but necessary discipline. It’s warm……

The camouflaged wild birds dance, chat and groom between the perfectly haphazard leafless twigs. It’s been a while since I just watched the world go by. It’s a luxury that most, I think, miss as the ever increasing costs of trying to live are a taxing toll on our limited clocks.

The faded black Loerie gallops; blundering elegantly through the branches.

Balance? What is it and how does one actually achieve it? Theoretically I know the answer we all know. Practically I fear most of us stare intrigued but dismayed at the pie chart illustration. I do! Perhaps balance is more of a societal ideology….u work, they play, they save, they spend. Oh gosh I have tried the envelope budget idea too and well there just ain’t no envelop deep enough. My lists are strong. And I feel the onset of a dress up gay musical sing-a-long coming on. “I do too love dress up,” I mutter so British to myself.

Truthfully, as I was told sincerely, that my best bet is to completely have the bare minimum access to getting  my hands onto money. I am one of those that get so bewildered by a moment that all sensibilities fly much like the blundering Loerie galloping out the door. It does, however, make for exciting times requiring me to be on high alert thinking on points often. It will change.

Is there not an effective class that can teach one the necessary skills to undo a life of wanton mediocre success. Ironically,  at those elected entrepreneurial programs that are implemented at high school level I fared brilliantly. I never got to see it through. Sometimes, kids just have to do as they are told by a parent, particularly the big looming male.

It’s warm.

With a melted herb cheese, tomato, mustard and smoked chorizo sarta brioche well placed, the wicked inevitability of getting out the Domestic Goddess frock shrieks ‘it’s time’ to the ‘oh-god-oh-god-oh-god-please-no’ slamming of grinding brakes at a ‘saw-it-too-late’ red traffic light. 

Tranquil bliss effectively disturbed! 

Whatever it takes to carry through the surrendering of our wills to achieve the dreams that WILL make a difference, not only to ourselves but potentially the world around us……DO THAT! 

As a new potential friend said yesterday, ” DO REAL,” and a glancing read of a Richard Branson online article slogan quips, “SUPPORT DON’T PUNISH”



• AJB • 


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