Butta ‘n Toast


The shiver of a sweat being brushed by the Johannesburg winter air is exhilarating. Trying to write this blog is proving to be difficult as I jump up to jam 1 more movement to my favourite mix on Mixcloud. Years gone by my friends would struggle to separate me from the seduction of a DJ, mirror ball and hot steamy dance floor.  I would run and hide to just get 5 minutes extra dancing in. 



I remember a time that I was as high as a kite and dancing. I, for lack of better wording, had left the galaxy. I was at the back of the dance floor and hallucinating something hectic. Naked Roman soldiers were dancing on the speakers, undercut hair was growing into vines on the ceiling, sweat drops grew into horns and right in the front was the flashing light of the finish line. I was in a race to beat the obstacles in front of me. The rule wasthat  if another competitor bumped me, they sucked my energy and I would have to  start at the back again. Visa versa. It was 5 hours later until I realised that it was the strobe light and the GAME was all in my head. Oh gosh I laughed at myself. But did I have a spectacular moment of dancing. I fought hard to win….lol.


Like some people can turn paint into art and instruments into unforgettable music; some people can turn the promise of an early morning booty call into a game of cat and mouse deliciousness and intrigue. Recently I have had a really, like REALLY, beautiful other playing this cyber seduction game with me. Often the cyber connection  of pleasure bores me to death but every now and then; and more then than now…lol; a person captures the imagination. Not so much because they are completely pervy to look at but because there is a vulnerability that is both sexy and invokes the passion in ones heart. THE GAME IS ON, SO LET’S SEE IF IT EVER EVOLVES FROM CYBER TO LIVE ENCOUNTER….LOL. (hope u can catch a hint…Mr ‘G’)

Through all the ups and downs in life there are just some things that remain FACT. The fact is things tend to work out not as bad as we think they might. The fact remains that sex is freely available. The fact remains that we like what we like. The fact remains that finding a connection that runs a bit deeper than a casual fling of disaster is not so easy to happen upon.

Little beats butter on toast, the laugh of forgiveness, the feeling of sleeping in one’s own bed, cooking lunch for people you adore or knowing that a GREATER LOVE is in action to help us be better humans 24/7/365 is deeply beautiful.

Whatever your situationship is right now, take it from a guy who should’ve been OVER more times than a ticking clock that you are more deeply loved than you could ever imagine. We just need to tune into the mix and let the natural rythm of life dance through us. 

Get sweaty on life and as the artwork, compliments of my incredible artist friend Ella, implies freedom is yours to be had….TAKE IT!



• AJB • 


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