The Mirrors Lie

Panic hit! I felt like I had run out of petrol in dodge city.

Giiiiiiiiirl, you know what time I am talking…..right!? Hitching my dress into my pantyhose  and popping my heels into my Jodi Deerling bag I flew around Checkers Sandton. It was late Saturday arvie and I had 6 of each but 7 guests were arriving at my Sunday lunch ‘Picnic @ 3 Polo’. People just knew my trolley had no brakes, and if they did Mama was not gonna be a usin’ dem. We managed to get extra cutlery and crockery to cater for the MIGHTY SEVEN.

STRAWBERRIES! What do ya’ll mean not a strawberry in Sandton!? AND NO BRRRRRRRRANDY!!!! Like ya’ll kiddin’ me! It’s Sandton for cryin’ out loud. Lordy mighty!!!! Thinking fast, as one does in dodge city, I phoned emergency. Ella, saved the day and ran across town to deliver the brandy. And an even more exotic dessert idea was born. 

Now giiiiiiiiirl  could sumbody tell  me why it is that domestic assist, that one pays 1 1/2× the going rate don’t do a 1/4 of the value of the cleaning in the home? I set about cleaning from top to bottom and discovered that my packet of bacon medallions had been swiped from the freezer. Oh well a slightly less punchy vegetarian starter had to be had….tough.

The day arrived! 

My new curtains arrived and had to be hung. My new painting went up and the tick tick of that freakin clock just wouldn’t stop. Dodge city loomed and my exasperation grew. I don’t easily invite others over….well at least when I am sober…in other conditions, let’s just say that necessity is the mother of invention….and leave it at that. It has been years since I have chosen to cook for others on a scale that I enjoy and open my inner sanctuary to scrutiny. Things had to be excellent! Not so much to impress others as much as I like my events to have an easy, comfy and natural environment. 

I SET UP MY ‘ICE-BREAKER’ GAME and the first peeps began arriving. The food hadn’t even begun being near ready. But Mama had said dem prayers and God had hear dem prayers and step ryt in. Giiiiiiiiirl dem grits went purrrrfect!

The day was glorious. Eventually at about 6/7 it was over and I sat back with tears streaming down my face. I was exhausted! I am filled with a deep gratitude for these peeps that pitched up and turned a moment into the kind of day that anyone would crit as, “One for the books.” 

Crossing the treacherous bridge of being vulnerable in front of others is scary. It’s one thing writing about it; it’s another standing before your jury in the flesh. All I can say is that I cannot wait to grow the MIGHTY SIX, (1 didn’t make it…..tiff tiff), to a MIGHTY GATHERING. I have such a deep love for others that I thoroughly enjoy doing little nice things for them like killing myself in the kombuis to show my love. The more the merrier.

I chose to step out in faith and acknowledge the blessing I am in of being my own boss, living in a honest home, knowing amazeball people and being a human that thrives on loving others. My tears were of a great joy that stems from when letting our blessings flow rather than ‘woeing’ them away from miracles 

I hope you have a blessed week and get to feel the deep unexplainable connection to a HIGHER GREATER LOVE that I wept in the presence of last night.

To help you and I, I found this list on Pinterest. I am calling it the ‘BEING KIND LIST’. It has given me a few ideas of how to continuously let the blessing of a perfectly imperfect life grow me to more magical moments of truly loving myself. Try it with me, com’on now giiiiiiiiirl!

The thing is this….that even though the mirror that I looked into when all was done and dusted, showed me my tear stained face, it couldn’t tell me the love that beat through my heart. And this morning it showed me the grin on my face from dancing but it couldn’t tell me what I was listening to.






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