Being schooled


It’s hard sometimes to take it on the chin! 

Imagine, for a minute how the runner up feels? In an honest contest the winner and runner up would have given their all, but somehow the winner had something extra. Oft the bitterness of a second place is heard on the sidelines after the dust has settled.

In my life striving to win the Twincare SA Hairstylist of the Year, many times, has seen me place anywhere but first. Sometimes I knew why and other times I was slighted. Last year, winning this coveted award, however, I had a feeling that I was doing well. I slaved like a dog to manufacture all the bits I needed complete the vision in my head. The interesting thing is that the year before I also slaved but in my heart I knew that it was a test. I knew that I wasn’t going to win but the victory for me was passing the test of perseverance with the knowledge that I was being tested on discipline and not victory. 

Thank you for asking? How did I know? Like today I woke up with a pressing urge to read something. Today it was my Bible. Last year’s competition, held at the end of 2015, a quote stood out like a sore thumb. “Courage is not in facing your battles, courage is facing your battles knowing that you may lose.”

Even though I lost, hopelessly, I won an amazing characteristic. I learnt that I am brave.


Today I woke up. It’s dark outside and the nip of winter sends shivers down my spine. The cream in my coffee is a delightful treat. I have been busting my chops for 4 months to keep my dream alive of being my own boss with a nasty wobble that has put my dream at severe risk. I have been praying like nuts to come out of this self-induced crises. LET’S SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

The point of today’s blog is about right and wrong. I woke up with the need for caffeine…just kidding. I had to read James 4. Listening to my audio bible the last sentence has bowled me over. I have read my Bible many times but missed this COMPLETELY!!!!

As I understand it….for you/ me/ whoever (the individual) who KNOWS what is ✔ for them (the individual) to do but doesn’t DO it is ❌.

So obvious. But profoundly appropriate. Each of us is an individual. Each of us has a particular purpose. Each of us counts. Each of us has the job to fulfill our particular purpose in this life. Each of us has a global and unique set of rules that apply to our particular purpose. 

Donna said something yesterday which rocked,” When my husband or Phillip give that wierd look about what I am wearing, I know it rocks.” What she is saying is that others misunderstand our individuality and try conform us to their personal tastes. So how do we decifer, accurately, the particular that is crucial to our purpose? I found a quote which I think sums it up nicely! SO OFTEN THE ADVICE WE ARE GIVEN BY OTHERS HAS MORE TO DO WITH THEIR PURPOSE MORE THAN OUR OWN.

From experience I have seen that honest and true goodness sticks around whilst the nature of ❌ is to flee. Boy, have I tried to flee from myself MANY times when I have let my insecurities get the better of me. My insecurities always drive me to promiscuity, substance abuse and self-loathing!


As I was , rightly, taught that the next ✔ thing we can do when we choose ❌ is to take it on the chin by confessing and making amends.

I am learning to value myself over and above my ego. Like I knew that I had to go through the trial of Hairstylist of the Year at the end of 2015 was the ✔ thing to do, even though I wouldn’t win, the ego in me was that little more taken to task.

Whatever your crises, as my own personal one is of making my business a success and to stay clean so that I can build a life that is uniquely mine to live, remember to look for the things that remain after the consequences have been dealt.

Oft it doesn’t look like it, taste like it, feel like it but it IS ALWAYS JUST ENOUGH PEACE TO BRING US THROUGH IT.



• AJB • 


One thought on “Being schooled

  1. Brave and thought provoking,
    No more guilt Ar , no more guilt please, as so it seems , this is the forerunner of everything that is negative.

    I love you unconditionally,and you know WHAT that means 😚 I also know how hard you try (to be perfect , rather search for being PERFECTLY YOU !

    Don’t try too hard , allow for the mistakes then the destruction won’t become you and it may just blow over like a thunderstorm that never induced itself and had no space for the happening .

    That’s a good experience then xx

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