Something magical happened tonight!

Besides Ella and I both dressing in stripes and dots, totally coincidentally, we walked out of the Pierneef Theatre stunned. 

A two man show starring Deandre Reiners and Vianney Henry Farmer who co-wrote PASS (ings) with director and designer Quintin Wils left us reeling in the fact that we had just witnessed a seriously brilliant moment in theatre. WE WERE CLOSE ENOUGH THAT I FELT EVERY PAINSTAKING ANGST OF THE PERFORMANCE RIP THROUGH ME AS IF ROLES WERE REVERSED. From the striking stark set, thought-provoking and heart-wrenching script through to the gripping acting made the trek to Pretoria worth every second. INVOLUNTARILY THE TEARS STREAMED DOWN MY FAN-FACE. 


If you get the opportunity to see this production you MUST NOT pass it up!

Deandre Reiners is mesmerising as a deeply conflicted Liam with an intensity that was impossible to say goodbye to at the end. So much of both Liam’s and Jayden’s character echo the crises of many adults; conformity vs authenticity. Watching Jayden’s tears I could have died right there….the pain of identity and belonging. Breathtaking!!!!

Dinner at Parea on Corlett Drive Illovo was the perfect compliment to a great night with stunning traditional dancers providing delightful traditional  entertainment to the fab meals.

People I adore, increasingly, are beginning to show their vulnerability in response to my blog which openly chats about some struggles I and many others face. I am seeing that often the invitation to be a ‘CONFIDANT’ begins with extending the invitation to oneself by dropping the FAKE. My friend Ella is such a brilliant mirror for me to not discount myself on behalf of others. It’s hard for me to not want to ALWAYS be the good guy and I really try hard.

Tonight typified the magnificence of humanity in glorious realness. Life is too short to waste time on idle games that only generate more pain for ourselves and others. So often we are polite to “not hurt another’s feelings”, and I am hugely guilty of this, when the very game hurts so much more.

What I mean is this: 

Our feelings are nothing as they change moods more often than we possibly could change lingerie, daaaaarling . We ALL get vibes about others and as much as the other knows that something is up, so do we. From experience I have seen that when I play the game of people-pleaser, invariably, someone or both get put out; usually with a loss of mutual respect thrown in. NOW I AM NOT SAYING THAT ONE HAS TO BE A COMPLETE JERK AND BE BELITTLING TO OTHERS AND OURSELVES  BUT BEING HONEST, NICELY, IS PROBABLY THE MOST DIFFICULT  YET DECENT ROAD. (and I get it wrong a lot…..aaaargh)

Life in its raw form is delightfully beautiful and cruelly divine. It needs no LED’s to make its colours show. It certainly does not need our help to play itself out either. I learnt years ago that time will continue loooooooong after each of us has come and gone.

Life is as time is….. its own journey. At best we make with it what we can. The choice is…. do we willingly accept the invitation to learn to be our best humane selves or do we accept the invitation to learn to be our best self-serving selves. Either way we will have karma.

I don’t know what I did right to be privileged enough to experience a moment of Magic last night but bring it on….’please sir may I have some more?’

(such a fun memory….playing model model with security….I appreciate these guys so much who daily take strides with me as ordinary working people holding our heads up high trying to do the right thing in a country so torn apart by some extraordinary self-server’s; past and present.)




• AJB • 


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