noun: opulence; plural noun: opulences

great wealth or luxuriousness.

“rooms of spectacular opulence”

synonyms: luxuriousness, sumptuousness, lavishness, richness, lushness, luxury, luxuriance, splendour, magnificence, grandeur, splendidness, grandiosity, costliness, fanciness; informalplushness, plushiness, ritziness, swankiness, poshness, classiness

“he was taken aback by the sheer opulence of the room”

wealth, affluence, wealthiness, richness, riches, prosperity, prosperousness, money, fortune, deep pockets

“a display of opulence”

antonyms: restraint, simplicity, poverty

Yay, it’s Friday! The Rivonia traffic is maar besig vanmore,  jong….marawe. So often we magosha ourselves for a bit of opulence!

I woke this morning, quite 😭 at the screeching alarm. As I am getting older my body clock is up bright and breezy with tail feathers fluffed.  When the alarm wins, it comes at me like a 🦇 out of hell…..kekekeke. (now that’s a classic I need to listen to right now…..good ‘ol Meatloaf!) (oops my ADD kicked in and I had to dance….a bit of rock and poetic opulence….take a moment and enjoy the luxury of this musical genius…full throttle) click ⤵️


Waking this morning I wondered about this word ‘opulence’. One of the things that struck was  the potential illusion or display of opulence. 




For a while the condition of my own heart was co-depending on another to save me from myself. Not that I minded! I had a sense of belonging. 

But…..and a big BUT @ that!

I started a journey some years ago with Hanlie Raath that has taken me in, around, down, through and up the sticky icky rabbit hole of hell and back. I have been through processes that have challenged me to exploding. Many Councillor’s, years, effort and trying times later I am beginning to find my sparkle. Over the years I have failed forward; over and over and over again. To the naked eye it may have seemed that I was just failing but as I recovered and found the keys to the things I grappled with an opulence has grown inside of me. I AM NOWHERE WHERE I WOULD LIKE TO BE…BUT WE ARE TRAVELING…ON THAT PHANTOM BIKE!

The years have been cruel but kind! But a quote out of the Bible:” GOD DISCIPLINES THOSE HE LOVES,” has carried me and my mantra through it all. Yes I have a mantra. It has kept me going even when I was being judged as an addict, gay man, poor white, bald man, slut, Christian, and hairdresser. Those labels are all true of me in part, however they are not who I am. As I have, on bended knee, crawled out of the pit towards authenticity, I kept singing:  “God thinks I am worth it!”

The amazing thing is that as I am stepping closer to my authentic self the parts of me that I was terrified to lose are actually blindingly brighter. My love of dance, art, people, design, humanity, integrity and beauty are growing daily. Yes; I still struggle to not be mesmerized by a bit of  hopeful seduction. We are human after all! 

We all have a wild horse running free inside of us! I KNOW THAT I DO!

It is impossible to not to. If each of us has a piece of God in us then we carry discipline and the untamed in us!

Take the Bougainvillea as an example. IT TAKES OVER! Easily at that. 

But it still has a structure. Roots, body, creeping branches, leaves, and opulent bundles of gloriously colorful flowers. But if left to its own devices, like my insecurities, it becomes destructive to plants around it. Step 3 of the ‘Spirituality of being Human’ stipulates: Being a productive member in a tribe of individuals. Which means that each of us MUST be ourselves, loving other selves whilst being a constructive force of upliftment in our environment. It DOESN’T mean withering away into the shadows of conformity. Definitely NOT dressing the mannequin whilst it is being eroded by moths!

Yes life sucks sometimes! Yes,we can’t have EVERYTHING we want, all of the time! Yes, we will need to be pruned to be the best version of ourselves. Yes, we will fail forward! Yes we are bundles of glorious colour.

My personal struggle has been to give my inner rebel structure so that it can be opulent in its expression of self in a balanced and disciplined manner. Look, I still am an amateur at discipline but gosh I am not like my 20’s…..thankfully…😜🤣😇!

The point is this!

God is in us, he is the Bougainvillea, the untamed horse, the scary lion, the gentle lamb, playful goat and the air we breathe. You and I are part of all of that too.

So like a bat of hell, I hope that your bougainvillea is well tapered and thrives brilliantly whilst boldly living and learning to love the glory of others too! 

Have a fab weekend! You are magnificent! You were made to be opulent!






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