Shop Bought

Someone I adore was in my chair today. To her I owe the name of this blog. Thank you, Tal!

Just momentarily! I took a breath from keeping my head down, a movie was the solution. ‘Churchill’ was too far in thus sneaking in would have been a waste. ‘Paris can wait’, set the perfect tone for the mood of this blog. Not that Sandton’s ‘Millionaires Mile’ didn’t.

After a networking business meeting invite yielded validated concerns, a discussion in the salon proved to add both clarity and sanity. In a nutshell, the ideology of this networking idea is ‘shop bought’ referrals. Admittedly, the premise is amazing, the execution a little fake. What I mean is that various individuals are promoted based on a system that one buys into financially, with effort, and time. So the dishonest dealings of the referrals has little to do with the integrity of it’s providers experience as much as it does for each to gain business. 

SURELY, WHEN ONE REFERS ANOTHER TO ANOTHER, ONE DOES SO OUT OF LOVE, RESPECT, APPRECIATION AND OR VALUE FOR THE OTHERS. Not, because there is a personal agenda of self-seeking advantage. A synonym for self-seeking is narcissistic……the love of self. A little bit to ponder on?!

Recently I did a series of art works. I would love to own famous artists,  perhaps one day. For now, I must do my own as finance is a limited resource. ( BUT ONLY FOR A WHILE….HOPEFULLY.) I filled my tragic white walls with colour. I cannot stand white walls, any little spot shines like a beacon. A beacon that obsessively screams, “Do something about me.” 

‘Velocity’, has drawn a bit of attention from people who want to buy the work. The piece reflects the ever-moving trends of the world we live in. From a central embryonic understanding of human nature, we the consumer can be sold, moulded and fed ‘NEW’ things. Like our emotions change at velocities sometimes out of control, so too the never-ending pit of keeping up with a ‘SHOP BOUGHT’ lifestyle. 

Passing on heirlooms and precious things is much discarded, unless incredible financial, status and or fame is connected! The ‘Fong Kong’ ripoff is a thriving industry! The next BIG new thing drives us deeper into debt; now, faster, better! Often yielding more grey hairs. The workmanship is based on turnover and less on the pride of integrity. For crying out loud the number of the most hideous buildings popping up around Sandton City Mall is evidence of it. Up fast, get clients in and return on investment is chased. The rest we must live with. If the cab drivers can see how ugly the buildings are, then I fail to see why the powers that be can’t. Never mind the traffic crises we will face when the monstrosity of glass is packed in like sardines.

This is modern consumerism glorified to an inch of its fickle class.

‘Shop bought’ style in Johannesburg is so prevalent that everyone looks the same, dresses the same and even uses the same lingo beyond. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

In the movie ‘Paris can wait’, an unhappily married woman is treated to the finer and more authentic experiences in life. A line out of the movie in reference to the simplicity of a home-grown tomato sandwich, “You will never taste better,” tells us how we over complicate the most natural things in life. A little bit is often all we need with a dash of seasoning, harvested at the exact right time. How many ads do we see that claim to be ‘THE BEST.’

A headline on a magazine caught my eye, ‘The dirty truth about clean eating’, made me chuckle. I have been waiting for the kickback to become noticed. Our over germaphobe, food disordered, critical society that gets suckered into trends through clever arguments, marketing and manipulative slogans quite often runs itself into a mess. God knows I have and do; you?

Perhaps as a young failing democracy we need to raise our hands in earnest and admit that we need help. 

Our years of Apartheid isolation has bred a mentality that is grasping at the ‘shop bought’ version of style, class, value, and integrity over above the cultivated authenticity of sentiment. A sentiment that says, ‘Velocity’, is not for sale. I did it for me. However if I get better at my Art and produce more works with the aim of creating another income stream, then come to that exhibition and buy. What is on my wall is mine. 


I saw a lady the other day that quite obviously had more money than common sense. Every item of clothing cost a fortune, but the combination….hun, let’s just say, creatively inspired. (I am not being nasty, not at all. Sometimes, some things just don’t work together. Like a peanut butter and sardine pizza may not become a next BIG hit….lol.)

A bit of eye-candy with a great heart sent me this today. It finishes this blog perfectly beautifully. (And Yvonne, if you read this blog, I haven’t finished reading the book….nearly nearly…lol…and I will then return it….lol)

I leave you and especially myself this question….


Stay your amazing self!




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