Monday; with this point of view and this mix….

The aftermath of another round in EMERGENCY this Sunday saw me, high as a kite on necessary medication, running around photographing things in my home. The outcome is that I am going to have to start making a mini fortune to support the ART ideas buzzing around on my ph. It’s quite funny how a little pill can change the way we see things.

I have to commend the staff at the EDENVALE HOSPITAL. Besides being kind and having wonderful humor, I was in awe of the commitment under difficult circumstances. It must be incredibly tough to be living ones passion in a country where resources are being squandered on personal material futilities and ego-driven power hungry greed. Much like some of its predecessors of yesteryear.

I mean, I beg your pardon, excuse me did I hear you right doll, to pay a seriously greedy person a 2 BILLION AMNESTY is crazy. Could someone please tell him that being employed by ZA does not include the stationary and especially NOT THE LIVELIHOODS OF ITS CITIZENS. As for Mr Ramaphosa’s openly racist remarks; outright shameful. And nogal during an interview. 

Ironic much?! 

Perhaps we need scientists to check our water….maybe our water purification systems, built and planned by our ancestors are making us all mad!

(interest article)

The stunning thing is this: EVERY person I spoke to is gatvol of our political landscape, empty promises of the ANC and the embarrassments of a nation by its EMPLOYED leaders.


Please can we pay this (amnesty) price and elect another person, as far away from the ANC, and give our country a chance to fix itself. You and I get on so well with eachother when we sit and talk to eachother. We learn that we are the same….trying to live our dreams. Let us use the mutual care we have for eachother and build a GREAT ZA again. As for the racists…..let them sort eachother out. I am so OVER the hate.

This painting by STEVE KENNY, suggests the notion of Africa’s bleeding children. It is deeply impactful and moving.

I got to hang out with my family yesterday which was super cool! I had a tiny scare when I got up out of bed and my legs caved in under me….lol. Luckily it appears just to be a muscle issue….sjoe! With my sister and her BF carting me around in a wheelchair and my massive younger brother to help me up and down the stairs, I could DIVA IT like Scarlett o’ Hara. Giiiiiiiirl,  ain’t no GAGA gonna glamp a wheelchair like I did yesterday….🤣🤣🤣🤣😛💋 And the radiologist, Ian, eyes to die for. And Maggie, besides your ultra-cool dreads, your kindness, love and wonderful personality made the waiting fun. With people like you, a future exists that shines bright; if mobilized by the many!

As a 43 yr old, I have learnt, myself included, that it is easy to do ⤴️. Having chosen to take a new path, contrary to ⤴️, it is proving to be tough. Changing oneself means earnestly being the change we want to see in the world. 


One of the hardest parts, for me anyway, is being able to be wrong. The strenuous part is that our inner-core wants to abdicate responsibility and just chill. It’s a WAR daaaarlin’, a war.

To quote a friend, “The more we know ourselves, the stranger we become.” From experience my STRanGe is ideal for me.

And like STD could deliberately be a misleading title for a blog about standards; it could also be metaphorical for a disease that eats a country out of its dignity, or a satirical quipp on perspectives?


Like I choose to use the best I can, like a Joico Sulphate-free, as a Basin Shampoo for my clients, decisions must be made to put ourselves, others, country and planet onto a playing field of authentic equality and love?!

Thank you for the +15000 reads across my various social-media platforms.





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