Such is it

Sometimes! Just sometimes I wish that I could choose who I liked or better still, loved!

I am not talking about opportunistic love. I am talking about authentic love.

Every relationship that I have ever had, the love just suddenly happened and I knew it as such. I guess that I have been lucky because my relationships, as hectic as some have been, always grew me as a person. Those people all taught me things about myself. Either by what I didn’t want to be or drew me closer to what I needed to become. My relationships have been a sort of cradle that benefited me by being a safe space for me to experience and explore myself. Granted much devastation was caused by some of those unities but that I think had more to do with brokenness than with the bond.

If you find yourself needing a little TLC then this Ocean Radio, Chilled September, Mixcloud mix will hits the right chords to ease a bit of peace into the start of your weekend.

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Yesterday was a really rough day. It saw be having to threaten to expose some people on social platforms. I vented but just couldn’t go so far as to actually name names. It has been an ongoing saga of four months that finally escalated to a rather ridiculous finale. After much screaming,forth and fro, a dismal conclusion was reached. It frustrated me that I had to settle for less than the loss of income.

C’est la Vie!

With my personal mission to integrate myself into a more cross-cultural circle of friends, I invited a Nigerian guy living in ZA, over for dinner. My expected guest had a family drama that involved hospitals, kids and so forth. Rather messy. It was interesting to exchange experiences that him and I had in common. It fascinated me, however, that even though we both were born empathy, had random psychic experiences and some pretty exasperating spiritual encounters, points of view differed. So much that he regaled was fraught with shame for his gift, and fear of it. As much as I tried to explain that love is greater than any force, it fell on disturbed ears. My heart breaks for people when the experiences of things outweigh the energy that pulls us through.

Like in the photograph taken, above, the simple fact remains that each of us has #perf inspired and living within us. My dinner ended and albeit an interesting encounter, a friendly reminder that I am not the only one with a weird gift and feel heavily for our world, dinner was the it moment. The need for a different experience after the #yucky day I had yesterday was met. My hope in goodness was restored as I listened to the stories of life in Nigeria. It saddens me that this beautiful country I call home is quickly being squandered by ruthless wolves. Just yesterday I saw a stat that from April-June, 2017 another 60000 people lost their jobs.

I found a simple easy to read article from American Health to help us not be overwhelmed by our tough stuff. It concisely and neatly goes through a few processes that we can deploy to get a handle on our thoughts.

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In times like we jointly face, the worst thing that we can do is buy into the frivolity we experience all around us. It is necessary for us as the populace to stand united, much like the civil uprisings throughout history. No, I certainly am not punting violence. Ask yourself, why would I want to put more money into the coffers of the elitist benefactors of war. No, my focus is on the man 2 man, woman 2 woman overcoming their individuality and uniting in singular voice against the atrocities of our mutually shared histories.

The article below is a well researched and written insight explaining some of the civil voices that said enough was enough.

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Dear #❤️🌍🌈

Do we really want this?

More times where dog eats dog?

Lies that are well manicured behind marketed punchlines?

Strife brought on by our selfish inability to share, when we are forever telling our kids to do such, but fail in so doing?

Do we really want to pass the baton onto future generations that is stained with hypocrisy?

Is confusion the honour we uphold for the sake of ill-gotten gains?


If we have to force, manipulated, steal, kill, destroy and cheat others to get what we want; perpetuation of crises is always the same consequence. I know for myself that I cannot live with myself if I have deliberately behaved like this. The shame I feel is so overwhelming that I want the earth to swallow me whole. Fortunately I have my wherewithal about me and for the most part, no longer, fall into the category of ‘humanity betrayer’.

Quickly, as time is flying by and work must be done today, I want to leave this challenge with you.


Perhaps this little promo might be just the kind of thing to build a bridge with a broken friendship, or disgruntled work colleague and or distant family member.

(Art work designed by Leandra from @bellazarahair…. u can find them on instagram….the most stunning imported lace wigs)


Stay your amazing self!




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