I kind of like this pic I took of this diamanté bracelet. It speaks of mystery, leaving me wishing that the night before was accompanied by decadent fabulosity. Dismaying not. Yesterday the world was aflutter with questions and encouragement to walk away from a lovely scenario but lacking enriching character. In a delightful turn of events, I got spellbound to a sensational looking man from Kinshasa. This, if it had yielded desirable results, would have been the great multi-cultural relationship I have yearned for. I have no idea why my preference is of a different skintone to me. It just is! It is strange. The connection is beyond words but the follow through…..uhm nah. It has also left caution in my being. Caution because to find an another who is a contributor, on all levels, that is mutual and reciprocal. But it is eina regardless. Mostly because I am not used to walking away from a love affair. By nature, I am a fighter and I do so until the I usually am the last man standing. Just for once I would love to know what it is like to have the full package deal that travels a distance longer than a Shakespearian death scene.

The world seems to be filled with boys in men’s bodies who have gone off there rocker. Hetrofluid, Trump, Zuma, Gupta, Las Vegas shooter, Isis, North Korea Hydrogen bomb, Putin, Mugabe, Gupta, Wife beaters, mafia syndicates, child sex slavery rising, bisexual or married men on gay dating sites, men who seem to think that general disrespectful life and anything other than the c_c_ is perfectly ok to ignore.


If we are supposed to be the head of the house can someone please tell me why the house is in ashes and a disgraceful embarrassment to me as a man. Now I know that this is a generalization but I can promise you that as a Hairstylist I here the running commentary that repeats a dreary pattern.

Although an argument can be put forward regarding preferences let’s put that on the back burner as being an experience in life that yields difficult judgement from the mainstream understanding at large.

I have done my fair share of wrongs that I have had to address and actively work on in myself. But when I see men above my status in life carrying on regardless I wonder what the hell is going on in this world. Strange fiction cannot be conjured up by all the going’s on.

In Conversations in a Cab 21 yesterday I dared to relate the story of being put into a situation where I had to foot the bill for a night out. Although we couldn’t delve into it as my trip ended it has opened the door regarding the perception of white ZA having money and the blindedness to the fact that BBBEE has in fact turned the tables in an ‘NEW ORDER APARTHEID’. I am anti-all inequality. But worse yet I am anti-free hand-outs. Not because it is necessary to do so in setting wrongs right but because it creates people who become dependent on a freebie. As a person that has had to claw themselves from an awful childhood and a destructive addiction, a free pass would have kept me feeling sorry for myself and avoiding taking responsibility for my choices.

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I started running a colour discount promo last week that is proving to be grabbing attention of others. Below is a GLAMOVER that I did. I hope that my little video inspires you to express yourself in an authentic way.

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As a parting thought to the man in all of us, be we female or male I lend my thoughts to the man in me and ask:



Stay your amazing self




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