There is something about these Strelitzia’s. The unashamed boastful display of colour, powerful stems, dramatic shape and the pomp of its sky pointed head shout authentic purpose. I cut these from the garden yesterday. With guests coming over for dinner, as one does, my humble home needed to be ‘facing the sky.’ Dinner was a massive success with doggie bags on hand, I had achieved the impression necessary. More than that I had touched another heart, respectfully and with my kind of love. I love making others feel validated and cherished. Been like that since a kid.

With Higher Power guidance this morning I read JOHN 14. Appropriately placed after intense prayers for growth, the answer of not to worry was a welcome relief to my disturbed heart. I guess that the violence of a stranger tweeting me, yesterday has peeved me off. If there is one thing I cannot handle, is false accusations and embroiled character assassination. Once again a frustrated human chose to exercise their misdiagnosed racist commentary of me. This based solely on the colour of my skin.

The irony of it all is that it is on a colonial developed communication method that he chose to have a go at me. Darling, next time be authentic and darn well use smoke signals if you hate the things Europe has brought to Africa…and please take off that western fashion and stop using colonial lavatories. Get a flipping grip… not all people act like assholes like you just have. Needless to say what has disturbed me the most, is the fact that I actually care, when I shouldn’t.

On Sunday, a Makeup Artist friend and I were chatting about business in general. I offered to run an online survey, both for her information and myself. Well, actually for anyone that might be needing information; especially in the ‘luxury’ industries. I had some interesting feedback, mostly pvt.

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How to not be a puppet…

Imagine for a second thousands of strings shooting out of your body and connecting you to the world.

They connect you to people and to experiences.

Every time something happens or someone says some thing, a string gets jerked, and with it, you.

Is that really how you want to live your life??

As a marionette controlled by the world at large??

Cut the strings.

Your mood, your actions, your thoughts should not be at the mercy of the tug of a string.

Acta non verba,


Founder of BetterMan

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” Nido Qubein

Another way perspective is this….

So as I take myself on hand acknowledging my own inner ‘good guy’ and putting my faith in my Higher Power, forgetting my accuser, I hope that this Mixcloud mix injects some love into your day and gets us boxing the box.

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Stay your amazing self!




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