Having the privilege, for 2 days, to work with ‘How do I look’ SA live in Sandton City has been a wonderful experience. It is always fun for me to step into my forte, a Makeover Specialist. It got me thinking. What is the importance of change? Funny enough yesterday I wrote a blog titled, ‘Shake it off’, which dealt with the idea of what comes after the end of the next moment? So often as a seasoned professional I see the tug-of-war, in clients, between needing approval and being authentic. Yes, hair is a superficial vanity, but a significant part of people’s expression of self. The idea of changing ones expression, as charming as it sounds, more often hits trepidation and insecurity. Why is this? I think the residing argument is most likely that most of us have no real sense of whom we actually are. We all are well aware that the most consistent thing in life is change. Breathe, don’t breath remains a fundamental choice!

Over the years of getting into people’s heads, well the bits they are willing to reveal, has fed me much scoop about the human psyche. In hairdressing we have a bit of banter about the world at large, ” I want something different as long as I look like everyone else’s different and I look like myself.” This is an all too honest and familiar outcome with clients in our chair.

Recently I had a referral who wanted to take her near-waist length hair from darkest brown to Silver platinum blonde. After thoroughly consulting, quoting and explaining the timeframe and maintenance, her expectations were dashed. She wanted the end result in 3 weeks for a year end function. This was an impossibility as she had colour on her hair. With these criteria, a more realistic expectation would have been 6 months and a mini-remortgage on her house. Think 4-5 hours per session, 1x a month over a period of 6 months, home care, in-salon treatments and mega liters of product to achieve the look. That is not even to say that we would have got there if the hair couldn’t handle the procedure.

Which brings me, neatly, to my point.

What can changing our look teach us about change?

1) Accepting that things will not stay the same opens the door to adventure.

2) Change requires effort, dedication and investment.

3) What happens after the change is determined by our embracing the outcome

4) See the opportunities that change provides as a vehicle for deeper understanding of ourselves.


Stay your amazing self!







Johannesburg, South Africa


The year is racing to an ever dramatic close!

The bated breath of ZA is catapulting towards the looming ANC Congress and the rumors about town are that self-confessed racist Cyril Ramaphosa is the probable winner of the Presidency. Let’s see. China is moving in on Zimbabwe.

What happens if Russia , China and India become the new super powers of the world? Will the benefactors of previous supremacies be able to adjust to barking orders from different regimes?

Anyhow, what will be will be. Flooding markets with more competitive objects that make the greedy dependent on increased profit margins by ‘sweat box’ industries has obviously left an indelible mark on the world at large. A world where gangster tactics seem to be becoming increasingly evident. It has always been there but I guess with techno-communication we are invaded by information that exposes it as such. It really is interesting times.

Where does that leave the good guy? A biblical scripture pops into mind that states, “There is no law against kindness.” Miss India has won Miss World 2017. The celebrated Q&A answer of Miss India is an authentic celebration of old school values where Mom is the applauded matron of society. Rightly so. Well in the natural order of things, that is. What I mean is that when us men show the correct respect to the women of the world we allow the nurturing instinct to prosper. However, when we play this ruthless game of man on top we tend to crush everything in our paths. The male ego is long winded on the tales of history as a devouring monster. In a life lesson I was privy to once, the main purpose of masculinity is the preservation of life and not the self-serving ‘Me First’ agenda that has been put forth and force fed to the authors and recipients of history repeated.

One of the most humbling expressions of Higher Power is the ability to endure pain. Pain dished out, daily, by our poor execution of choosing personal agenda over world vision. An agenda that makes women objects and children the witness of gender imbalance.


What comes after?

Although the whispered rumors and public laments of our failing humanity grows daily, we as a species, have come this far. Hope always remains that we may turn all things for the good. This requires a maturing of our ego and sacrifice of our opinions and comforts. In other words a mentality of inclusiveness. I mean let’s not forget, bro’s and dudettes, that we are all on this 1 planet called Earth after-all.

Come what may, we each will be left with the choice between good, bad or indifferent. The consequences/ karma/reactions to that choice will be determined by the very same actions we take. Our very lives will be determined by our abilities to love regardless, forgive deeply and to educate honestly.


A lesson from my own Mom, that has led my life always.

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The question is, will we as a world choose to continually cause harm by narrowed world vision?

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Stay your amazing self!





In my Conversations in a Cab 31 the topic of change came up and is the driver behind today’s blog.

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It has taken its toll and the energy to lift myself up has been excruciatingly tough. A pitch fork digs deep into my psyche. Having to take on another’s debt to be honorable, relocating and starting my rent-a-chair from next-to-scratch again and dealing with a bust up heart might do that to one. For weeks my humble apartment resembled a pigsty and I didn’t really care. But get up and go I have. The insane thing is that I still love the human who betrayed and near devastated me. But my small saga is none compared to Zim. Wow! Talk about the tides of change. Never mind the disappointment of the announcement of France getting 2023. Rightly so. Why would any foreigner want to chance their luck on a greedy ANC led state capture mafia government? I had to stop reading Jacque Pauw’s book for a while as it was beyond hectic. One cannot read this brilliantly documented historical book without being overwhelmed by the levels of human inconsideration and greed. But all of this blah blah blah is not the nah-nanana-nah of today’s blog. These are mere reactions to poor actions and in the end should not define our outlooks in lives. Stuff happens and so it must so that the bullshit can walk.

Monday I got stuck into being Dora the domestic Goddess again and whipped my undesirable into livable. I find it weirdly awesome that this week is turning into a better financial week too. I think it comes back to the basic principle of acting in gratitude yields positive results in our lives. Yes, it does mean eating humble pie and laughing at the rhythms our lives take. Sometimes it is our choices that spin our wheels and sometimes it is those of others. The point is that when we do find ourselves back to basics it gives us ample to reflect on.

The new DJ Stevie B mix on Mixcloud is cool and hits a welcome spot of orgasmic yet comfortable pleasure. In times of high impact stress I guess the familiar is the trampoline that pushes us through the burning loop.

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As a side note I deeply thank my clients and friends who support my little business and humbly ask for the increased and continuation of such. Yes with increasing measure I hope my client base grows considerably. Damn I am flipping great at my career and quite frankly deserve a bit honey on my Swiss rye bread toast. Like seriously already.

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These ‘SLIPTOVER’ makeovers are recent; the last week in fact. I hope that they inspire you to express yourself differently for a bit. The most wonderful thing is that behind each of these stunning looks is a magnificent human with amazing stories of bravery to tell. We all do in fact! Sometimes even changing ones look requires leaning on the bravery of the stylist you choose.


Stay your amazing self!





Have you ever wondered why? Over the years I have spent much time self-examining. Sometimes it comes up as a nada. More often it’s value lies in hindsight. When we look back we find that we are not whom we used to be. Since blogging, my tell all story, so much has changed. I am more clear about me. The great thing is that challenges are not crippling me as much as they used to. Gosh, it would be fabulous to not have rough stuff happen, but hey it does. Working through negative outlooks, interpretations, experiences and hardships may not be easy but coming out on the other side is always fun. Huuuuuuuney, who doesn’t like to be a step closer to authenticity? I do.

Sometimes, however, we need to just let go with a mince and a mash, lift our heads and go enough is enough! It has been a heavy ride to show the world that a poor start or limiting resources does not mean the end of the world. The over-riding contrast between success and failure is wisdom deployed, sacrifice, sticking to it, dusting oneself off after a fall, ignoring the haters, learning from our lessons, giving it another go and having a good laugh at oneself too.

For the longest time I have had to pull myself away from the world to deal with my stuff. It’s done for now. Peeping my head out of my isolation I near got taken out by my greater action of authenticity. This too is a learning curve. It stands to reason that when one is a baby learning to walk, falling and rising is par of the course. Getting stuck in that though is not where the game is at. As we set our sights further our wobbly legs take us those few steps more.


Perhaps a mini SLIPTOVER is the necessary thing to put a pep in your step! If you find yourself feeling drab….




Stay your amazing self!



Justice in adversity

Light dances through my humble home skimming my knees that graze the floor. Yes, he is praying.

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midst the hysteria, angst and volatile emotions one can easily absorb the nervousness. But ZA! Let’s not take our final bow yet. But AZ! I laughed yesterday when I realized that my nickname was the alphabetical order opposite of Zuid Africa. It is significant as the meaning of my name is Brave Champion of the Southern Forest.

Something is stirring in me. “Look beyond the obvious,” is the voice that guides me as I take the picture above. Accidentally but rather lit on fleek I read the passage from my Bible that I flipped open for the sake of the pic. Most times I just read the Bible app in my phone. I read and the sentence, aptly the title of today’s blog, burns a path in me. Recently a brilliant entrepreneurial mind and major success story, Marnus Broodryk voiced disdain on FB regarding the ‘hard-done-by-sentiment’ of many South Africans. He is on a national tour to promote his book, ‘90 Rules for Entrepreneurs’.


cannot wait to get my hands onto a copy. Being a young, clueless upstart into self-sufficiency I have mega lessons to learn. The paragraph in my Bible that has prompted this blog, an answer to a question I put, not only to my own psyche but my HIGHER POWER, being, “How did countries rebuild themselves after WW2?” Till date this is probably the greatest source of tenacity and do-over we as a country in crises have to draw from.

Luke 18 vs 1-9, tells the story of persistent widow. What stands out for me is not so much the prayer, albeit an incredibly important action, but the continuous action to do what could be done by the widow.

1) She got up

2) She showed up

3) She nagged the judge

In other words she fought for her justice!

My favorite international DJ provides some mojo today.

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DJ STEVIE B In the tell-all and brilliantly mastered book by Jacques Pauw, The President’s Keepers’, a blow by blow account of the dismantling of ZA is told in shocking but magnificent detail. My heart pounds as I read page after page. A war was waged on our glorious country by an evil tactician and he near won. But what he hasn’t accounted for is us. The people of this land. The people, the populace, the fighters, the overcomers, the wild ones of Africa South. I mean seriously our global conquering king, Nelson Mandela cane out of prison and became an international sensation. 75 years of apartheid struggle, 27 years of prison. Madiba!!!!!! That is our ancestry. Yes we got bamboozled by a commercial break but we see clearly now. ZUMA/GUPTA/ANC near brought us to the brink of destruction but there is a hope.

Below are some articles that I found online that are informative reads about rising out of the ashes. AFRICA ZUID our work has begun and it is not the time to get drunk, despondent and or depressed. We have a country to build!!!

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STORY TIME: Serving Soup:

Mozambique, near Bella Vista, on a 99 hectare plot of land, I had been saved by a penny and hanging onto life by goodwill. My worst fears had been realized. I was a bum, jobless and dependent on others. Although it was neatly packaged and I had food everyday, a bed to sleep in and basic government medical care, I was destitute. The Counsellor’s were buying me toothpaste and soap to bathe. Needless to say my ego was bruised to say the least. I hated straight men, I boxed them the same as my gangster father. Now these very same men were caring for me and I had no power or means to resist. The sweltering heat and constant taunts by narrow-minded and misplaced judgements from other patients cut deep. My facades of the past were exposed and I had to face it. Imagine….a foreigner in a country. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The only avenue I had was the care received, which was top notch and my intense belief in my HIGHER POWER. I had to resist stealing bits of chocolate. I know that it sounds funny. When you don’t have and lavishness surrounds you in the form of chocolate it is hard to not want to resort to criminal activity. Obviously the rich kids played out their elitist action by sharing with those that could share back. It hurt like hell. After however long the rehab, HEALING WINGS, allowed me the opportunity to generate an income by charging R20 a haircut. Boy, did the good times roll. I had chocolate and I could share. The manipulators tried and successfully took advantage for a while. I had to address my ego. I was an award-winning hairstylist from Sandton doll, cutting hair with mediocre equipment for R20 in rehab. Seriously! Talk about being humbled….🤣🤣🤣🤣!

Why this story?

In a time such as this where our country is in dire straits due to the mafia activities of a Zuma/ Gupta/ANC regime, we must rise.

Being the willing participant in a recent scam, I am back to desperate. With food back to real basics and money owed I am fighting the urge to bury my head in the sand. Although the blessing is that my God-given talent will pull me through I have to humble myself again. I fell in love with someone who manipulated me to extend myself towards his goals. Yes, I stood to make a little money in the side, which was why I fell for it, I didn’t know that I was being scammed until ‘too late she cried’.

So here is the thing:

I, like you want to reach my full potential of success. It’s all I have ever wanted. To prove to myself that I am not the ‘boy from the wrong side of the tracks’ with a broken history, and not so popular point of view. I have been an equal opportunity, non-racist, liberal, anti-elitist, pro-creationist, freedom-fighter since I can remember. My vocal rantings, oft have me being rapped over the knuckles because I am deeply passionate. Most people struggle with vocal people as we tend to upset the apple-cart….🤣😜!In a time where more of us find ourselves in difficult circumstances these are the times when we must deploy wise action.


We will need to cut back our expenditure, potentially lower our prices and/or give value add, live in shared accommodation, get creative with what we have and always remember to share. “God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9 vs7) I remember starting out from scratch in 2012 with nada. Throughout the last few years I have had to deploy extreme caution. When I failed to do so I cracked and burned. Unfortunately being an extremist by nature I don’t do mediocre well. So if I fail or succeed it is spectacularly colourful, either way. I may not be a Marnus Broodryk yet, but I do know this…. you and I are made from the same substance as the stars. We are not made for second best. We are made to be powerful, productive and brilliant.


We all are, at present, beingcalled to be Brave Champions of the Southern Forest!We all are being called to stop being the President’s Keeper!We are all being called to join our differences and show our wild side; the side that cannot be kept down even after 27 years of prison!We are the people who won the World Cup! We will rise!

Choose ❤️

Stay your amazing self!




I wish that I could just shut my big mouth!

But alas, the boy just cannot. Life grabs me and drags me where I oft wish I was merrily blissfully unaware. Reeling in the extravagance of sitting alongside some of my Hair heroes judging the Twincare SA HSOTY 2018 last-night was a dream come true. It is quite something to be honored to judge the efforts of another. To do ones best be to impartial and sincere in judging what is before you, without preference or nepotistic influences is tough. I am glad this morning I can smile knowing that my heart can rest as I did my task fairly, honestly and accurately. I was terrified to judge because that insecure child in me screamed, “Who do you think you are?” Chatting with the judges I quickly saw that I have a keen sense of accuracy. Another fear was dispelled in me. This last year I haven taken every kind of action to overcome the belief that says that I am not good enough. Confidently I now know that doubt is a bitch of the highest order! Don’t I look cute in the pic above….. lol 😜! What walked in a trembling boy, walked out a conquering king. I look forward to 2018with renewed vigor and passion. I am not a fool and watch out world now I know it!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with friends. There is something so beautiful about being accepted by a group of people who, rightly so, could paint me with the same brush as the ancestry that left a country in crises by judging others because of skin. I mean how dumb is that? Skin for crying out loud…skin!As they get to know me as a human and I them I weep for the damage caused by inaccurate judgement. How anyone can judge another through superfluous goggles is, increasingly, becoming a hard thing to wrap my head around. It is embarrassing for the judge but worse yet for the affiliate, by default, too! God have mercy on us…. you are sooooo right when you say that we don’t know what we are doing. We don’t. Help us please… we are wrong and the cracks have become gaping bombed to hell septic wounds. Even the maggots are indulged to bursting. Please help us be love. Not our version of bullshit love, but the magnificent love you are. We are wrong.

A fishy story:

With the last bits in my fridge I created a scrumptious breakfast for two. Sole baked in a crust of mild chili paste, herbs, fennel and peppers. Wafer thin ciabatta topped with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of rose syrup added a delicate bite of sweet to the gentle kiss of spicy fish. It was yum!My guest devoured it and is still living so I guess I did great…🤣🤣🤣🤣! The meager but scrumptious breakfast brought tears to my eyes as I retold myself the Bible story of the ‘Fish and Loaves’. The story is a story that teaches about faith, looking beyond the obstacles and that a Power greater than our inflated egos can do more with our honest offerings in this life than we can even try fathom. I know! What looked like a bunch of nothing turned into a sensational breakfast that smacked of innovation and more’ishness.

After judging this prestigious competition lastnight, I got to speaking and sharing another simple snack with a king in my industry. As we bantered backwards and forwards, his life, my life, concluding that mutual respect and appreciation for stories that challenge our humanity I got home and wept. It frustrates me when good people are hurt by inconsiderate others. I still weep as I hear the sadness in the voice of a human I both adore professionally and as person. Their passion for hairdressing is not easily matched. I am honored as a man to know such a great flame in my industry.


{and God help me write this scathing blog of disdain, both optimistically and honestly}

Switching my phone on this AM, I am stunned. The levels of deceit, corruption, perverted sense of justice, right/wrong, hate/love, violence, power-mongering and self-indulgence is startling to say the least.

Come on World we are better than this!

You know it, I know it and the question is are we going to take this crap lying down?


As a human, like each of us, life has been tainted by incredible hurdles. Gladly, I have done most of my life honestly. The world knows my failures and my successes. Although I am a minor on a global scale, just one more fish in this big pond, I know that I am a colourful one.

What are we doing? Seriously, what are we doing? Using the good to raise the bad? Corrupting the innocent? Stealing from the poor? Kicking the dog that is down? Pious much? What are we doing? Please take it from a guy that just about every yucky thing that can happen to has experienced. We are better than this! Many times I have wanted to curl up and die because I messed up. The overwhelming goodness that covers my life is something no science, theory, pop-psychology or new-age philosophy can explain. Each chaos, self-inflicted or not, is met by a bigger more powerful love that continues to drive me towards my better self. With minimal charity, little safety net and learning through my plethora of mistakes I still stand and grow. I apologize daily for my flawed humanity but daily receive grace in abundance. I know how judgement hurts and can push us in the wrong directions. Gosh I am a balding, average guy, recovering addict, God-believer with a history as my birthright that is cringeworthy. But I love. You can too! We are better than the lies we participate in by faking our secrets. We have the same makeup that makes us jointly the same species. We are filled with profound purpose that is uniquely ours. We have the gift of choice to be better than the jurors say we are. We are the choice between darkness and light. Our thumbs up or down determines life or death. Come on! We are better than our collective history. You, them, us and I are made to be kings and queens. Ok some of us are Quings…..😜. I will take that one! You are magnificent, powerful, gorgeous and amazing! Together we change the world.


Not just Texas but the planet!


Us or the doubts that tell us that we are insignificant. I can promise you that the Higher Power is ready to take our little fish and loaves add the spice of a beautiful life if we are willing to care, share and address our own inner-demons.


Science has gone a great distance to discover the miracle of child-birth and your DNA alone leaves the most brilliant minds still theorizing the wonder of it.


Stay your amazing self!




I am not going to lie. I have lost a bit of weight, stress is a killer, sleep is difficult and finding my peace is elusive.

With some soothing but uplifting sounds on Mixcloud I sit gathering myself to sharpen my sword and gather my strength to fight another day.

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It stuns me how obstacles take their toll on us. Gladly, have started working my financial rescue. It is going to be a rough few months but survival runs thick through my veins. It frustrates me sometimes. The victim would loooooove to whine and wince whilst sticking my head in the sand; alas, none of that sister. It’s get up, go and mooooooove on like a Grand Prix Driver speeding to the checkered flag. Girlfriend, none is so innovative as necessity. Gosh, babe I even considered donning my red heels and work the midnight oil for a bit to bring in a buck or two. I can’t; just can’t. There is something profound that happens in our spirits when we overcome obstacles. Heroic, although riddled with cliche it is a organic influence on our hearts that turns us into gladiators. And ya’ll know how that ends up. The hero may often end up overcome but the torch that burns and inspires authenticity and honor burns on. This is what legends and folklore are steeped in. Right?


Over the weeks of late I am walking deeply in the shame of history. No I am not living in the past. Not at all darling. What I mean is that as I discover the hearts, visions, dreams, hopes, regrets, disappointments, agony and frustration of lives still clamoring heroically for emancipation, I weep daily. God knows if I was struggling to survive myself, I would fully dedicate my life to volunteering in communities still broken psychologically and certainly spiritually. Trust me it is hard to remain positive in times of ‘hand-to-mouth’ existence. It is easy to be dismissive of plights when our beds are comfy, feet shoed, tummy’s full and our social circle narrow in its understanding of the wreckage of despondent spirits. Although my own struggle is in part self-inflicted, now more than ever I see clearly into the hearts of many who are despised by the very elitist who created the unfair system of judgement. The reverse is that each of us, no matter how unfair, unjust, and far back in the starting blocks we find ourselves, must drag that hero towards the ‘black and white’ squares. Our species needs the Buddha’s, Mahatma’s, Superman, Wonderwoman’s, Gump’s, Winfrey’s, Mandela’s, Maimane’s and Theresa’s of the world, to name a few. There is no hero if the hero does not stand for equality for all inspite of his own affiliations.

Over the meager 43 years of my life I have run into many forms of narrow opinion. Much of it steeped in ‘survival of the fittest’. I mean it even has taken itself to a level of narcissism that is a millions of dollars illegal steroid industry. One just has to see the hideousbody transformations of vein popping muscle junkies to know it’s true. It is gross to say the least while 4 children in ZA die daily of malnutrition. Wake up World! Big bodies don’t make you strong. Loving others and sacrificing some comforts to help others makes you such.

But stepping out of indoctrination by worldly seductions is never too late to do!

As I slowly work my own budget and find ways to slowly, consistently and cautiously pay the responsibilities I have, I hang onto hope. The dreams of being an actual salon, brand of products, speaker, writer, artist and creative genius flow deep in my veins. The thing that excites me most however is the good I dream of doing. But if I am really honest, so too the idea of sleeping in various hotel rooms with the +1 of my hearts yearning. I don’t know why sharing is more important that self-gratification. It simply is just such.


We all have regret that sits like a veil over our psyche. The thing is not the struggle. The thing is the rise from it. From our HIGHER POWER’S perspective the effort is where it is at. From man’s perspective it is the ‘hostess with the mostest’. Funny thing is though….. when we got the most so often we become the least kind and generous with our hearts. We become slaves to masking our deep discontent that we feel trapped by our responsibilities. Trust me I speak to mega wealthy people often, who most often say that a bit of freedom from the duty of wealth would be a welcome holiday. After all we all have to downsize to a body size box one day. What we leave behind is the legacy of heroism or the legacy of a lonely toy box. I say lonely because so much wealth is guarded by the fear of losing it to ungrateful others.

Can you imagine being afraid of people only wanting you because you have money? Yucky?

Some of the chances we take will fail…fact. As I am living in a failed chance, at the moment, I smile at the audacity of the universe to cripple me to my knees. Darnit! But I would do it again! Now where do I find another ‘drama’ to get involved in….lol!

Have a fab day peeps and let life live fully in, through and along with you and others equally. It is our only planet, let’s be great together rather than lonely in our toy box.

Choose ❤️

Stay your amazing self!